Naked Mud Pie Slices Recipe

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Here’s a tasty treat to top off #zerowasteweek and use up any broken biscuits you may have in the barrel! The kids’ have named these ‘Rocky-dough’ (they say they taste a little like cookie dough?) but I’d planned on: Naked Mud Pie Slices It doesn’t really matter what they’re called – they are a great [...]

What’s #foodwastefriday all about?

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What’s #foodwastefriday all about? Thumbnail

In April 2010 I registered a blog with It wasn’t until October 2010 I summoned up enough courage to actually post. I’d come to the virtual world looking for a simpler, and more conscious way of life. In the virtual world? Does that make any sense? Well yes it does, because the virtual world [...]

Summer or Autumn (Fall) You Decide

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Summer or Autumn (Fall) You Decide Thumbnail

From where I type I can hear the distant hum of a washing machine drum turning with the sound of the last remnants of holiday laundry being spun after another Great British adventure. Yes, The Wright’s are back from our travels, and if my eyes do not deceive me, I can see September on the [...]

Syn-Free Smoked Haddock Pasta Bake

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Smoked Haddock Pasta Bake

Just this week I discovered quark, which inspired me to rustle up a syn-free smoked haddock pasta bake for the first time. Syn-free? What’s that? Well…for those of you following the Slimming World plan no explanation is required. For those who are not then Slimming World is based around a plan which allows followers to [...]

Have You Seen My Perfect Glasses?

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Aviator Sunglasses

*This post is sponsored by Perfect Glasses but words and opinion are my own* Top Gun 2 is on the cards. The iconic movie that propelled the aviator style of sunglasses to stardom in the 1980’s. I finally own a pair. A prescription pair. In the 1980’s I wouldn’t have needed assistance with my eyesight, [...]

All You Need Is Love | One Love

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  We have had our fair share of sombre day’s in the UK recently. There’s a metaphoric dark cloud hanging over our land and a heaviness in the air, weighing down on our shoulders. A hint of insecurity behind adult eye’s wondering what the world will be like when the next generation are at the age we are [...]

Learn More About Premier League Primary Stars

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Premier League Primary Stars

This is a post sponsored by Premier League Primary Stars but all words and opinions are my own I don’t homeschool but I’m intrigued by homeschooling. In particular, how homeschooling parents motivate their children to study successfully. Motivating young children can be difficult for even the most experienced teacher. My own memories of school are [...]

5 Benefits Of Weekly Meal Planning

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5 Benefits To Weekly Meal Planning

Today seems the perfect time to talk about the benefits of weekly meal planning. It’s a miserable Monday here in the middle of the UK. From my dark kitchen, through the window, I can see unrelenting rain being soaked up by my water-laden lawn. Weekly meal planning is without a doubt one of those activities whereby [...]

Chicago Town Pizza | Not Just For Dinner

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This post is sponsored by Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza – all words/opinions are my own. We are halfway through half term already. I’m keeping the Kids’ (and myself) busy. I do like to schedule the school holidays. But there were no fixed plans for today, although my eldest had suggested an impromptu walk in [...]

2017 Best Midlands Days Out With Kids

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It’s half term here, in the Midlands and Staffordshire, and if my eyes do not deceive me the temperature gauge in the kitchen has topped 10 degrees. I do believe Spring is on its way. Hip hip hooray! Regular readers will know that I like to schedule the school holidays. In particular this first half [...]