What’s #foodwastefriday all about?

In April 2010 I registered a blog with WordPress.com.

It wasn’t until October 2010 I summoned up enough courage to actually post.

I’d come to the virtual world looking for a simpler, and more conscious way of life. In the virtual world? Does that make any sense?

Well yes it does, because the virtual world is gigantic and tiny at the same time.

It meant I could explore my new-found interest in simple-living and meet like-minded people, whether they be in Tiverton (that’s Devon UK if unsure) or Timbuctoo (Is Timbuctoo actually a real place? ahhhh yes it’s Timbuktu)…

Almost immediately I met a lovely blogger from Vancouver, and it escalated from there. New friends, new philosophy.

By November (we are talking a matter of weeks) I stumbled across Food Waste Friday – which was the concept created by Kristen aka The Frugal Girl.

And the rest is history.

For 7 years I have continued to blog (sometimes sporadically) but one area in which I have *tried* to keep consistent is that of #foodwastefriday

(although this year has seen a decline in food waste posts I admit)

September is the new year for me at the blog, rather than the traditional calendar restart of January. This is because Rae Strauss’ Zero Waste Week annually launches in the UK.

It’s a reminder that no matter how far I have come in my quest to reduce the food we waste at Chez Wright, or no matter how far off the path we have deviated, there’s still much more to do, to improve upon.

#foodwastefriday is a hashtag – and it’s also a motivator. One day a week it’s an opportunity to really think about the food that is wasted. Then commit to reducing the following week. That’s what I do, and will continue to do.

In fact this #foodwastefriday in honour of #zerowasteweek I commit to being more consistent and to posting every Friday. How about you? It doesn’t have to be a full blog post, a quick update on one of the many social media platforms will suffice.

Want to find out more?

Here’s just one of my many Food Waste Friday’s posts to make a start with – it’s a walk through of my Friday routine

It’s a busy #foodwastefriday today – there’s another post to come today. A recipe to use up all those broken biscuits lurking at the bottom of the barrel ( I know ‘tins’ are much more common – but it doesn’t flow as well in words as ‘barrel’)

And talking of recipes – did you know that Anna Pitt’s Leftover Pie (101 ones to reduce food waste) paperback book has launched? And guess who contributed a recipe? Hey hey that’d be lil’ ole me then! More to come on that over the weekend.

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