Old School Food Waste Friday

It’s a return to old school Food Waste Friday this week.

Yes, I know, It’s been a while.

And don’t I know it from how my fridge looks this Food Waste Friday.

It’s embarrassing.

How did this happen? Well let me explain…

As with most things in life – if you don’t keep on top of the small things, the build up of bad daily and weekly habits – however tiny, can result in a bit of a mess. A bit of a mess, my fridge is this Friday.

Taking ownership of the error in my ways…

…out came my fridge’s contents.

A quick clean and life is good once more.

There were some casualties – all compostable ones, and although that doesn’t make it acceptable it does mean they won’t end up in landfill.

This makes’ me feel a little better.

(Since I’ve stopped eating meat I can confirm that the food wasted that is non-compostable has reduced significantly!)

The bulk of my fridge items looking a little tired fortunately were all vegetables!

Simple save coming up…. Soup. So simple.

Did I mention I contributed a soup recipe to Anna Pitt’s book Leftover Pie?

Well I did… and it was my go-to recipe for making a vegetable save… Nail Soup.

You can read it on the blog, or in Anna’s book… but here are the bare bones…

Take a standard slow cooker (crockpot) and fill up to two-thirds with a mixture of vegetables. Anything will do. Top up with boiling stock (here’s my stock recipe) and leave to cook all day. Blend.

Could it be any easier?

Today’s Nail Soup will be frozen as it’s Friday night at The Wright’s – a takeaway is planned tonight.

(probably a good job from one look in my now cleaned fridge…there’s not a lot to see…)

How is your Fridge looking this Food Waste Friday?

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