Naked Mud Pie Slices Recipe

Here’s a tasty treat to top off #zerowasteweek and use up any broken biscuits you may have in the barrel!

The kids’ have named these ‘Rocky-dough’ (they say they taste a little like cookie dough?) but I’d planned on:

Naked Mud Pie Slices

It doesn’t really matter what they’re called – they are a great way to use up bits and pieces and also as they are a simple tray bake they can go naked (as in no cases or wrapper required)…

This Food Waste Friday all you need are 5 simple ingredients:

225g of broken biscuits – variety does not matter – any will do or a mix of types too

150g of solid baking margarine or butter

100g of dried fruit – use up what you have there is no right or wrong

100g of sugar – castor sugar works well but I’ve opted with light brown sugar as that’s what I had to hand

1 tbsp of cocoa powder

You will also need a baking dish or tray – again go with what you have… as there is no baking involved it does not matter how deep the slices are, or what size they are when cut up. There are no rules.

Cut up the margarine/butter into a pan and place on the heat to melt (gently):

As I had used up the remainder of the packet I used the remnants to lightly grease the baking dish:

The dish also needs dusting with a little flour:

Place the broken biscuits into a large mixing bowl:

Crush them a little more if needed – they should be in small pieces:

Add the sugar and cocoa powder to the melted margarine and let it dissolve:

Add the dried fruit also (I added sultanas and chopped sayer dates):

Then add the broken biscuits and mix well (you can crush the biscuits further at this point):

Place the mixture in the dish and smooth down:

Place in a refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours then slice:

Finally hope that there’s still a slice left for you to try!

Happy Food Waste Friday everyone!

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  • Trish September 8, 2017, 8:43 pm

    These look great!! So interesting that in other parts of the world sultanas are common, but not here in the US. I lived in Australia for a year in high school (back in the 1900s) and sultanas were everywhere.

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