Here’s A Super Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

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Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

I heard on the grapevine (or rather Twitter) that today is #nationalcarrotday – which nation are celebrating the carrot I’m not actually sure, but it reminded me of a healthy carrot cake recipe that I posted here a while back (how many years?). It’s a great recipe, and worth sharing once again because not only [...]

Buy Less | Buy Better | Waste Less

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Last May I stopped eating meat. We’d been on holiday and camped at a farm in Dorset. The local restaurant’s menu was limited, and consisted mainly of beef products – which I ate happily. Happily, because I knew the source of the beef was hand-reared on the farm we were staying. For years I have felt [...]

Do You Know How To Hygge?

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Do you know how to Hygge? Do you know what Hygge is? I didn’t know what it was, and didn’t realise we were doing it. That is until I accidentally came across a YouTube clip about a year of living Danishly (which is a great play on words, don’t you agree?). We have been practising the [...]

Simple Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Simple Vegetable Soup recipe

Making soup is probably my favourite way to reduce food waste. It’s so effective. And this simple vegetable soup recipe is the perfect way to use up sorry looking vegetables. These are my vegetables that are looking a little worse for wear: The onions are in pretty good shape, but everything else is starting to [...]

Emergency Meal | Emergency Pancakes

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Pancake mixture

Welcome to the first Food Waste Friday post of 2017. It’s also my first blog post of 2017. And it’s also our first snow of 2017 in the UK. A day of firsts. It’s a bit of a running joke, in the UK, that we Brits see a snowflake and panic ensues. Our supermarket shelves [...]

How To Make An Upcycled Christmas Hamper

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This post is sponsored by Aldi UK who kindly provided the items within the basket free of charge Please note due to my work commitments I am behind with my blogging schedule this December so this post replaces the usual Food Waste Friday! Loitering on the playground just the other day, I heard a mum [...]

I Have No Words Today

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As a blogger I should have the words to describe how today makes me feel. I don’t. The scene below brings to mind ‘desperation’ –  those who are starving being thrown scraps in order to survive. It’s debasing. This form of consumption is not needed for survival. UK retailers take some responsibility.

Do We Waste More In December?

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As we hurtle (I have never used the word ‘hurtle’ before at the blog!) toward December, and the festive period, my mind is consumed with food. And as it’s Food Waste Friday, I thought it timely to have a debate on food consumption at this time of year. Historically Christmas has been (and is) an abundant time. [...]

Going With The Flow (Of Life)

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Some weeks it just goes quiet here at the blog. I’m in awe of bloggers who can stick to a steady schedule. My hobby blog is a ‘nice to do’ not a ‘must do’ – which undoubtedly is why I love being here so much, it is never a chore, and my decision to keep it [...]

Divine Intervention Or Just Clumsiness?

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**The first part of this post, you are about to read, was started last Friday morning: Original title – How To Start Shopping Naked: It’s way too obvious to start this post with a pun. So I won’t. If you are reading this, I’m guessing you know what naked shopping is? Again I’ll resist the temptation [...]