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We have had our fair share of sombre day’s in the UK recently. There’s a metaphoric dark cloud hanging over our land and a heaviness in the air, weighing down on our shoulders.
A hint of insecurity behind adult eye’s wondering what the world will be like when the next generation are at the age we are now. And what about the generation beyond that?

Is this truly the world we live in?


and no.

The world, or at least it’s inhabitants, can be cruel. At times it’s beyond comprehension what human beings can do to one another. It just does not make any sense. It’s incomprehensible. Inexcusable. Inhuman.

But planet earth is also a beautiful place, filled with love.

For every act of cruelty and violence, there is a demonstration of unconditional compassion.

We have to keep the faith that love conquers all. To those parents who worry for their own children’s future, we have to lead by example and not hate those who show hate toward one another. At the same token – not feel fear when exposed to extreme and fearful realities.

We cannot reduce fear by being fearful – we cannot combat hate by being hateful.

All you need is love. Every day, but particularly in the day’s to come, let us be thankful for what, and who, we have. Spread kindness, share a friendly word, give a stranger a smile, show gratitude, love your friends and family.

We must raise our consciousness, raise Planet Earth’s vibration, lift low and destructive spirits and look to the future with optimism and anticipation of a greater level of compassion and oneness. Turn away from fear and embrace faith. Trust that everything will be okay.

Let us never forget what life is truly about – love. One love.

We are headed toward better days – I promise.

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  • Penny L June 5, 2017, 2:22 pm

    Beautifully written. Thank you. Sending you love. PennyL xx

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