Have You Seen My Perfect Glasses?

*This post is sponsored by Perfect Glasses but words and opinion are my own*

Top Gun 2 is on the cards.

The iconic movie that propelled the aviator style of sunglasses to stardom in the 1980’s.

Aviator Sunglasses

I finally own a pair.

A prescription pair.

In the 1980’s I wouldn’t have needed assistance with my eyesight, but since turning (and passing) 40 – a little help is required, particularly when driving due to reading place names and road signs.

Buying glasses isn’t really something I embrace. Firstly, because it’s an admission of my diminishing ability to read number plates (and faces – yes there have been many embarrassing faux pas’ of late where I have waved at undeniably confused strangers. I’ve even tapped one person on the shoulder for them to turn and it not be who I thought it was).

Secondly, I’m not an enthusiastic purchaser of glasses – because of the cost.

Glasses are so expensive!

Or so I thought.

After a recent eye-test, at my local optician, I relented and purchased a new pair of long-distance driving glasses because my old pair were very uncomfortable. I still had my old pair of prescription sunglasses purely because it would have doubled my already significant bill – I was prepared to suffer a little discomfort to save £100 plus!

Then just as the sun came out, I was contacted by Perfect Glasses (synchronicity or what?).

I was introduced to the world of affordable glasses – the world of glasses online.

With a couple of weeks of being offered a complementary pair of glasses I became the proud owner of stylish prescription sunglasses that had a RRP of just £29 – oh and they are also comfortable!

I only agree to sponsorship of posts when I truly believe that sharing a product, or retailer, will benefit my readers. Genuinely I would have shared this information anyway. Paying money for glasses, although necessary, is not how I would choose to spend my cash. I don’t like wearing glasses, particularly when they’ve cost me the equivalent of a weekend away with the kids – and I’m guessing I’m not the only one?

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