Starting To Make Simple Christmas Gifts

There’s no long lead into this post explaining my reasons for why I am making a large proportion of this years Christmas gifts.

I’m hoping, as a regular reader, you’ve got the measure of where I’m at with Christmas consumerism 🙂

(there’ll be links to further reading on my philosophy at the end of this post)

Rather, this post is a heads up for those who’d like to play along.

Typically I wait until the last weekend in October to make a start on the handmade gifts. Traditionally I start with making my Christmas chutney, which needs 2 months to mature.


Experience, however, has taught me that in order to enjoy the process of making gifts, time needs to be abundant not scarce. After all, the thinking behind homemade gifts is that ‘me and mine’ have fun in the making, as well as the giving.

This weekend First-Born and I, will be making bath bombs. I’ve been saving jars to upcycle, and it’s been a case of racking my brains deciding what to begin filling them with that isn’t edible. Food stuffs need to be left closer to the big day, but the closer we get the less time there will be – and there are quite a few jars to fill!

The inspiration behind the recipe I’ll be following was found over at Coconut Mama.

These are the items I’m collecting in advance:

  • Recycled Jars
  • Sweet (Candy) Mould
  • Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)
  • Citric Acid
  • Essential Oil (not sure which one yet as I need to purchase a bottle – maybe something seasonal?)
  • Food Colouring (probably red)
  • Ribbon (for decoration)
  • Raffia (for decoration)
  • Clay (to make tags/decoration)

After all paraphrasing both Sir Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin (among many others):

“Fail to plan. Plan to fail.”

See you back here Saturday (with bath bombs – I hope!)


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