Recycled Christmas Gift Wrapping

We keep Christmas gifts simple here.

Santa always visits the Kids as they are most definitely on the nice list, but apart from that gift giving is kept purely for close family. This may sound mean (does it?) but for us Christmas isn’t about shopping, it’s about spending time not cash. Time is our most valuable asset, if lost it cannot be replaced.

Each year every gift recipient gets a Christmas box. This is filled with something to eat, drink and an experience. Usually the actual box is upcycled from a used shoebox or something similar. Very often the Kids and I decoupage the boxes from recycled paper to make them unique to each person.

Click here to learn how to decoupage a box

However as I unpacked the Christmas decorations this December, I discovered quite a few items that could easily be recycled and upcycled into variations of gift wrapping.


Basket hampers, stockings, boxes, tins and gift bags. Enough to cover the gifts ready to be wrapped.

And just because it is recycled it doesn’t mean it’s sub-standard. Gift-wrapping is important. The anticipation of the gift can be as important as the thought of the gift itself. Aka I will be making an effort! Watch this space!

In fact I’ve been getting some inspiration – there are some wonderful ideas out there.

But there were 2 boxes of chocolates for teachers that were crying out to be covered in traditional paper.

I’d heard that the best way to wrap is using an ironing board. The simple ideas are always the best. What a fabulous idea.


Those who know me, know that my ironing board doesn’t get used very often, hence this post from 2012 on how to simplify a laundry routine.

Aside from wrapping gifts, it’s likely that it’ll be used a little more in the lead up to Christmas as I have a new toy.

Breville UK have kindly included me in their #creaseofmind campaign. I don’t have any plans to iron my gifts, but I am feeling a little inspired to make a large origami bow with the help of the PressXpress to drape one gift Santa’s sleigh is dropping off. After all their tagline is ‘Turn On Your Creativity’.

What recycled gift wrapping tips do you have? Please do share!

*This post does include a link to Breville but it is not an affiliate link. Breville have not asked me to link in this post and I have received no monetary compensation (The PressXpress was received FOC to review at a later date). I only link to brands/products/retailers that I personally recommend.

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  • Pinkwings1 December 17, 2015, 4:24 pm

    This year Jo i was ‘giftwrap neutral’ Not one single bit of new giftwrap was bought. I used recycled gift bags, brown paper (a ridiculous amount sent with a particular amazon order) and prettied it up with bows. I had half a roll of silver stripey stuff from a birthday during the year. I have not even bought cards, reckon i will get next year out of them too. if i more conciousley save through out the year i reckon i can do this every year. I must say my presents look very pretty under the tree this year 🙂

    I love your boxes (and every year i forget about them till it’s too late 🙁 )
    Sharron x

  • crunicorn December 17, 2015, 6:52 pm

    This Christmas wrapping paper that I bought this year was actually to line the back of a bookcase with!!! The presents are wrapped in brown paper with different coloured wool (picked up at the charity shop) wrapped around a few times!!

  • Federica Carr January 4, 2016, 11:40 am

    I dont’ have too many tips other than.. we usually recycle! and it’s usually just us family so we’re not bothered. i hate waste. I do make gift tags from Christmas Card though. Takes ages but it’s then fun the next year to use all these completely different gift tags… and some cards are so pretty it’s worth!

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