How We Are Using Up Watermelon

It’s Food Waste Friday guys and we are using up watermelon!

using up watermelon

Watermelon is a recurrent theme on Food Waste Friday. The options (in my opinion) are limited. I class it is the same food waste category as lettuce (boo!).

When using up watermelon there were just two options. Eat it quickly or freeze it for smoothies.

That was until Tiny Chef stepped in. My 7-year-old-son is a dab hand in the kitchen. And he loves watching YouTube tutorials on how to rustle up snacks and drinks.

His favourite YouTube channel currently is What’s Up Mom’s

Below is the What’s Up Mom’s 2015 mash-up. It’s not a food tutorial, but definitely worth a share. For me Brooke, Meg and Elle have got it right. They are upbeat and positive while acknowledging life with babies and kids isn’t one big Johnson’s advert. No moaning, no whining, just great advice and bundles of humour (particularly their parodys).

I digress, as I said Tiny Chef loves What’s Up Mom’s, he also loves watermelon. What better for using up watermelon than watermelon lemonade? Particularly when we had a quarter of a watermelon that was looking a little worse for wear. How about that for using up watermelon creatively? And it tasted great. We love it when no waste tastes great!

Take a look at my Instagram to see Tiny Chef in action!

If you are looking for a new idea for using up watermelon look no further – see the What’s Up Mom’s YouTube video.

(Tiny Chef wants some mason jars now!)

We also used up a couple of bananas. They were fine and wouldn’t have been a food waste confession this Friday – but while Tiny Chef was in the swing we continued. He’d watched a clip on how to make chocolate topped bananas. I’m guessing my photo-tutorial on using up bananas (see below) wasn’t as exciting as watching Meg’s video!

chocolate topped banana

What are your suggestions on using up watermelon? Please do share.

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Do not fear I have a fridge photo this Food Waste Friday – I haven’t forgotten. It’ll be over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter later. Hope you will be too?

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