Simple Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

This is the simplest pancake recipe I have ever made and is based on American Style Pancakes that are served with Maple Syrup. This recipe is simple as it contains many less ingredients (including salt) that other recipes state but it still produces excellent results.

You can eat them with anything including eggs and bacon for a Sunday morning feast!

My daughter adores these pancakes and easily eats four before school…

You will need:

150g Self-raising Flour

1 x Egg (I use free range)

250ml Milk (I use semi-skimmed)


1. Place frying pan (I use a skillet – heavy bottomed pan) on hob and preheat on a medium to high heat – no oil required

2. Add all ingredients to a medium sized bowl (I use one with a lip so that I can pour straight from the bowl into the pan reducing washing up)

3. Mix together (I whisk with an electric whisker as this mixes the ingredients well – but you can hand mix/whisk – just ensure mixture is smooth)

4. This mixture is thicker than typical English pancakes or French Crepes so make the pancakes smaller and do not fill the pan. There should be enough for 8 medium size pancakes.

5. Do each pancake individually in centre of pan for best results.  Pour mixture in and leave until small air bubbles appear in surface of pancake.  Then using a spatula toss  the pancake and do other side.  The first side should take approx. a minute.  It will depend on the heat of the pan so keep an eye on the pancake.  If you toss the pancake too soon and it is not a golden brown colour simply toss again and leave for a few more seconds to brown.

Serve with Maple Syrup, Nutella or Sugar and Lemon Juice or whatever else you fancy (alternatively place in airtight container for a cold snack later in the day – or reheat in microwave after Dinner and serve as dessert with Jam and Icecream)

Please let me know how it goes in the comments below

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