Not Buying It – Expensive Skin Care

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because what I know about skin care could easily fit on the back of a postage stamp.

What I do know about, however, is marketing.

Throughout my teens and twenties I tried to understand skin care and skin care products… 3-step this, exfoliate that, fine lines, anti-aging, anti-oxidants, retinol…and the list goes on.

Let me be completely frank – I don’t buy any of it. Not just the products but the science (aka marketing) behind it.

This may well come back to bite me on the bum (or face and neck in the case of aging and skin elasticity) but I do not follow a prescribed skin care routine. I don’t use products now, although I’ve dabbled and got disillusioned in the past, having no confidence in what was being ‘sold’ to me.

What I do use is;

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SuperScrimping – Patching It Up And Polishing It Out

This post was originally planned for yesterday but I’m glad I delayed it, as last night I watched SuperScrimpers on Channel 4.

It would appear that the subject of this post is becoming popular once more.

Patching it up, polishing it out, making do and mending. And of course reducing what we waste, be that food, cloth or just items that we would once have disposed of, that we can breath new life into.

Repair rather than replace.

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