Let’s Celebrate Food Waste Friday

Lets Celebrate Food Waste Friday

This week we've already celebrated Chinese New Year (it's the year of the Fire Monkey), Shrove Tuesday, and Valentines Day is on the way. The older I get, the more I appreciate these special days. I like having something to celebrate. Life should be a celebration. Did you read The Frugal Girl's post this week about [...]

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It’s A Horlicks Giveaway

Horlicks Vintage Set

Hi Guys - it's a giveaway today. A Horlicks giveaway. With the weather as it is in the UK, I'm thinking a steaming mug of Horlicks would go down a treat! To be included in today's giveaway please pop a comment in below telling us all who you'd like to snuggle up next to while [...]

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Happy Pancake Day 2016


Happy Pancake Day 2016 everyone! Today I will let the pancakes do the talking. Here are 3 I made earlier. In fact much earlier. Months even years earlier. Plus here's my pancake recipe from a few years back Enjoy!  

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Vegetable Lasagne Using Greek Yogurt

Vegetable Lasagne Using Greek Yogurt

Before I go any further I need to make a statement: Despite always spelling yogurt, as yoghurt, I am now spelling it yogurt - even though it looks completely wrong to my eye. This is because on the yoghurt carton in my fridge it is spelled 'yogurt'. Does that make any sense at all? No? [...]

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Why Aren’t You Commenting?

Why Aren’t You Commenting? Thumbnail

Oh boy that's pretty direct isn't it, but I needed to grab your attention before I start spending my money! Grab a cuppa, I'm on a roll... I have a gut feeling that comments here at the blog have dropped off since I upgraded my blog and changed from a simple comment system to Disqus. [...]

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How We Are Using Up Watermelon

using up watermelon

It's Food Waste Friday guys and we are using up watermelon! Watermelon is a recurrent theme on Food Waste Friday. The options (in my opinion) are limited. I class it is the same food waste category as lettuce (boo!). When using up watermelon there were just two options. Eat it quickly or freeze it for smoothies. That [...]

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The Celestine Prophecy and Coincidence

Not Reading The Celestine Prophecy

Last night I downloaded The Celestine Prophecy, after a friend suggested I might like it. The first chapter of the novel talks about coincidence (among other things) and whether in fact coincidences occur as signposts to guide a person through life. Or at least that's my interpretation. My friend knows me well. I am going [...]

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The Best Food Save And Worst

The Best Food Save And Worst Thumbnail

I want to focus this post on the best food save I have made lately. To balance it out I'll also share the worst food save I ever made. My Friday fridge is over on Facebook today Guys. Food Waste Friday is here to make us all mindful of what we throw away that could indeed [...]

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How To Maximise Finances

How To Maximise Finances Thumbnail

January 2016. Back to reality. Time to focus and prioritise. Top of the agenda is ‘health’. Feeling fit to burst, and lethargic, from the excesses of Christmas, it feels good to be shopping sensibly once more. My basket is full of nutritious foods, and I’m sticking to my grocery budget. Also on the agenda this [...]

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Spicy Sweet Potato Slow Cooked Soup

Best Food Save - Soup

Today's recipe was inspired by the sweet potatoes I found in my store-cupboard on Friday. You may have seen my Food Waste Friday post talking about waging a war on waste? I promised to post my No Waste Tastes Great recipe that I planned to rustle up to ensure the sweet potatoes did not go to waste. The idea had [...]

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