Jim Carrey & I This Food Waste Friday

I’m not hosting this week. Kristen is over at The Frugal Girl.

However it’s another video this Food Waste Friday.

Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge 22 May 2015

It get cuts off at the end. I really need to free up some space on my iPhone.

To finish what I was saying – usually the emergency pasta is kept in the store cupboard. Typically I buy the type that does not require refrigeration. I have a small fridge so the less I need to store in it for emergencies the better.

Another good week here at Chez Wright. No waste to speak of.

How’s your #FoodWasteFriday guys?


Don’t forget to head on over to The Frugal Girl to link up this week!

If when you watch my video, Jim Carrey’s Secret Of Life video pops up as a suggestion to watch after, I recommend you give it 3 minutes of your time. Jim Carrey is one of my favourite human beings. I would love to meet him. Not because he’s a movie star, but because he is such a great teacher.

If it doesn’t pop up as a suggestion, then watch it anyway. I’ve shared it.

Food Waste Friday / Sounding A Little Peaky

It’s Friday. It’s Food Waste Friday. Or even #FoodWasteFriday


I’d hoped this week I’d be hosting over at my new blog. I even thought about throwing a little blogwarming party. Alas no. It’s still not ready to move into.

Hence I have gone a little quiet. The more content I keep putting here, the more I have to then move again. It’s a little like packing up your home and then going on a shopping spree for new soft furnishing and adding to what you need to box up.

However I cannot miss Food Waste Friday when I am hosting. Kristen trustingly asked me to host each alternate week when she didn’t. It is a great honour, I remember clearly how privileged I felt when she e-mailed me to ask whether I would like to. There was no hesitation in accepting her kind offer.

And onto my fridge… I am so tempted to film it. Hmmm have I any storage on my phone?

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Checking In

I thought I ought to check in.

No I haven’t gone into hiding. I’m in the process of moving to another host, and it’s taking a little time to move everything. After all there’s almost 5 years of my ramblings and snaps to pack up and unpack in the new home.

It was time to make the move. With my increasing technical skills (well kind of) and my plans to do more with the blog, I have to go self-hosted.

But…as I said it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to get back up and running.

I’m posting this today – but this won’t go on the blog once moved, hence I cannot really keep adding content as it will get lost.

So what have I been up to while it’s all gone quiet?

Lot’s of reading, listening to audio-books and reflection. I’ve resurrected my daily ritual of meditation also.

Truly it’s been a pleasure to get back to meditating.

What have you been up to?

(I’m hoping I’m back up and running soon as I have Food Waste Friday to host this week!)

Will leave you with this, I’ve been listening to a lot of Hans Zimmer lately – wonder what that means?

Is Your Food Waste Reducing?

A slightly different angle this Friday.


Rather than confessing my food waste as I do usually I’m opening up the blog for you to talk about whether you feel #FoodWasteFriday is helping you to make progress and reduce your food waste.

It’s all about progression and not perfection for me at the moment.


I did lose 2 satsumas this week and a lemon, they went mouldy. No photo. Mouldy photos are rather grim.

There’s no Friday fridge photo either. This isn’t about me. It’s about you.

I’d love to hear whether having a day each week that makes you think about what food you have wasted is helping you to make progress to reduce the food you do waste.

Is it working? Are we making progress?

As always many thanks to Kristen The Frugal Girl – the original inspiration behind Food Waste Friday!

Progression Not Perfection

We’ve all heard the saying;

Life is a journey, not a destination.

If we’re seeking perfection, we’re going to be disappointed. It doesn’t exist.

I’ve said it before – there’s no such thing as perfect. But I’m not giving in.

To seek something that does not exist is demotivating in its futility. Why bother if we will never achieve what we set out to do?

What if we chose to embrace the journey rather than the end goal?


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