Food Waste Friday / Dairy Dilemma

Each week since March 2008, in order to motivate her to waste less food, Kristen The Frugal Girl, has posted a picture of any food that has gone bad over the last seven days. She found this embarrassing practice so helpful, to her, that she invited other bloggers to post their own photos, and Food Waste Friday was born.

FoodWasteFriday I started participating in October 2010 and have found, 4-years on, the amount of food I waste is minimal. Every Friday, as part of my No Waste Tastes Great routine, I account for all my potential food waste as well as confessing to any items that I failed to save.

Kristen kindly asked me to host Food Waste Friday, alternate weeks and her initial invite for everyone to join in is cordially extended here!

Simply Being Mum’s Fridge Fridge


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No Waste Tastes Great / Back To Basics

It’s been almost 4 years since I started participating in The Frugal Girl’s Food Waste Friday.


(Don’t forget the hashtag! #Food WasteFriday)

While taking part I devised my own Friday routine which I called;

No Waste Tastes Great

This routine may have evolved over the last 4 years, and is currently being changed once more – which I will post about soon…

But the basics of my fridge cull and clean remains the same.

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Blast From The Past Recipe & A Thank You

Just by chance, this morning, I decided to check the date of my first ever blog post.

It was 8 October 2010.

Gosh – over 4 years ago. Doesn’t time fly when you’re typing ;)

I then checked what I’d posted on 15 October 2014 – 4 years to the day.

It was this Simple Chicken Tikka Masala Slow Cooker Recipe

(without photos – what was I thinking?)

When I first started blogging it was to record, and share, my homespun recipes with friends and family, and anyone else who stumbled across me in the virtual world.

Now seems the perfect time to thank you for finding me.

Thank You!

Thank You!

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Clear Your Clutter Completely

“Today is your day to let go of things that no longer serve you.”
Katrina Mayer.

We’ve spent a significant amount of the last two weekends, clearing the clutter at Chez Wright.

Christmas is coming (there I said it) and we’re decluttering in preparation of the change of seasons.

But that’s not the only reason. My daughter has started holding an annual fundraiser, in November, for a local children’s hospital. This was last years.

Decluttering provides stock to raise funds…

Getting ready for the 'pick a bag' stall!

Getting ready for the ‘pick a bag’ stall!

…but more on that next week!

While we’ve been having fun decluttering kids’ bedrooms, I’ve also been taking the time to find general clothing and other items that are no longer needed.

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