How To Make An Upcycled Bud Vase For Mothers Day

Mother’s day is less than 2 weeks away in the UK, and while on the look out for handmade gift ideas (that my children could make the Grandma’s) I stumbled across this fantastic idea by Kirsty Fanshaw.


There’s a link to Kirsty’s site at the end of this post. I don’t want you to get distracted with all of Kirsty’s amazing creations before reading, as this really is a super simple, effective upcycling gift idea that the Kids will love to do.

We’ll be making ours this weekend!

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Food Waste Friday / March’s Menu Plan

Looking out of the window this morning, I can see that March is well and truly on it’s way, as is Spring.

Spring is my favourite time of year, and Easter my favourite holiday.

It fills me with optimism. The world is waking up. It’s a fresh start. We’re coming out of hibernation, out of our caves, and there is an abundance of energy.

This year, personally having a slow start to 2015, has increased my anticipation of the lighter nights and warmer weather. My thoughts have turned to our Spring menu at Chez Wright.

I’m keen to eat clean, and to continue on the quest to reduce food waste and packaging. And once again support local business where I can.

So, as I opened the fridge this morning I was hoping to see very little potential waste, and although not quite a clear slate:


It’s not too bad. Strawberries can be a tricky one for me. Grapes can be too.

See my Instagram for my food waste confession this Friday

As I do not need to spend much time devising a No Waste Tastes Great plan today (it’ll be fish and chips for dinner tonight), I can invest that time on a menu plan for March.

Menu Board

Trying to be as efficient as possible, I’m setting a weekly plan for a month this time, I will repeat the weekly menu each week (with reason of course).

I’m curious do you meal plan? And if you do, do you do it weekly or monthly?

So, how’d you do today? And don’t forget to link up over at Kristen’s also today. Those of you who participate in Food Waste Friday can now grab a fancy-schmancy button to perk up your posts. If you copy and paste the following code into your Food Waste Friday post, this little graphic will appear.”

Simply Being Mum
Simply Being Mum

If you blog on WordPress, just make sure you’re in html mode when you copy and paste the code, or it won’t work

Do You Feel The Urge To Purge?

“When I purge, I get an endorphin rush. I feel a huge weight is lifted from me. As I remove stuff I no longer have to worry about maintaining it, finding a place to keep it or think about updating it. For every new thing I bring into my home I shed another. It’s liberating.” Chris Wray.

Regular readers to my blog will know that decluttering, and reducing the amount of stuff I own is a key aspect of my life. As a recovering sentimental hoarder (with still a long way to go) discarding and not acquiring is key.

My journey toward a family life simply done started in February 2009… 6 years ago really?


 Find out how it all started here.

I was looking for a little Monday motivation this morning, and it came. While time-wasting on Facebook – sorry I mean doing some research! I stumbled across a link to Chris Wray’s article.

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Food Waste Friday / A Clean Slate

Each week since March 2008, in order to motivate her to waste less food, Kristen The Frugal Girl, has posted a picture of any food that has gone bad over the last seven days. She found this embarrassing practice so helpful, to her, that she invited other bloggers to post their own photos, and Food Waste Friday was born.

FoodWasteFriday I started participating in October 2010 and have found, 4-years on, the amount of food I waste is minimal. Every Friday, as part of my No Waste Tastes Great routine, I account for all my potential food waste as well as confessing to any items that I failed to save.

Kristen kindly asked me to host Food Waste Friday, alternate weeks and her initial invite for everyone to join in is cordially extended here!

Normal service resumes this weeks folks.

I’m able to photograph my fridge, and follow my Friday routine.

Let’s take a look inside!


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Missing My Favourite Recipes

I’ve started watching 10000BC on Channel 5.

Always intrigued by these type of social experiments (I was gripped by Living In The Past in the 70’s) it’s fascinating to see specifically what a decent meal means to us humans.

Until something is taken away, it’s sometimes hard to fully appreciate how much we truly would miss something were it not available.

It’s good to go without sometimes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I’m missing cooking. In particular, I’m missing cooking my favourite recipes.

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