Learn More About Premier League Primary Stars

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Premier League Primary Stars

This is a post sponsored by Premier League Primary Stars but all words and opinions are my own I don't homeschool but I'm intrigued by homeschooling. In particular, how homeschooling parents motivate their children to study successfully. Motivating young children can be difficult for even the most experienced teacher. My own memories of school are [...]

5 Benefits Of Weekly Meal Planning

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5 Benefits To Weekly Meal Planning

Today seems the perfect time to talk about the benefits of weekly meal planning. It's a miserable Monday here in the middle of the UK. From my dark kitchen, through the window, I can see unrelenting rain being soaked up by my water-laden lawn. Weekly meal planning is without a doubt one of those activities whereby [...]

Chicago Town Pizza | Not Just For Dinner

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Chicago Town Pizza | Not Just For Dinner Thumbnail

This post is sponsored by Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza - all words/opinions are my own. We are halfway through half term already. I'm keeping the Kids' (and myself) busy. I do like to schedule the school holidays. But there were no fixed plans for today, although my eldest had suggested an impromptu walk in [...]

2017 Best Midlands Days Out With Kids

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2017 Best Midlands Days Out With Kids Thumbnail

It's half term here, in the Midlands and Staffordshire, and if my eyes do not deceive me the temperature gauge in the kitchen has topped 10 degrees. I do believe Spring is on its way. Hip hip hooray! Regular readers will know that I like to schedule the school holidays. In particular this first half [...]

Simply Being Mum’s Pizza Recipes

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How To Make Pizza Vita

Hey hey hey... here are a few of Simply Being Mum's Pizza Recipes as its National Pizza Day (boy are these national days keeping me busy... wonder what tomorrow will bring? Hope it's not National Clean Your Car day - its way too cold to be out there with a bucket and sponge.) Short and [...]

Safer Internet Day 2017 | Musical.ly

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Safer Internet Day 2017 | Musical.ly Thumbnail

Today is Safer Internet Day 2017 I've been blogging (and using social media) publicly since October 2010 - using non-private accounts. This was a decision as a mid-thirty something woman I took - but not lightly. I am not naive nor over-trusting. I operate with caution online - to the best of my ability - [...]

Here’s A Super Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

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Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

I heard on the grapevine (or rather Twitter) that today is #nationalcarrotday - which nation are celebrating the carrot I'm not actually sure, but it reminded me of a healthy carrot cake recipe that I posted here a while back (how many years?). It's a great recipe, and worth sharing once again because not only [...]

Buy Less | Buy Better | Waste Less

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Buy Less | Buy Better | Waste Less Thumbnail

Last May I stopped eating meat. We'd been on holiday and camped at a farm in Dorset. The local restaurant's menu was limited, and consisted mainly of beef products - which I ate happily. Happily, because I knew the source of the beef was hand-reared on the farm we were staying. For years I have felt [...]

Do You Know How To Hygge?

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Do You Know How To Hygge? Thumbnail

Do you know how to Hygge? Do you know what Hygge is? I didn't know what it was, and didn't realise we were doing it. That is until I accidentally came across a YouTube clip about a year of living Danishly (which is a great play on words, don't you agree?). We have been practising the [...]

Simple Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Simple Vegetable Soup recipe

Making soup is probably my favourite way to reduce food waste. It's so effective. And this simple vegetable soup recipe is the perfect way to use up sorry looking vegetables. These are my vegetables that are looking a little worse for wear: The onions are in pretty good shape, but everything else is starting to [...]