Good For Your Age

My dear friend, Darcy’s Mum, received her number for the London Marathon yesterday.

This will be the first time she has managed to get a place, narrowly missing out on a ‘Good For Your Age’ place last year. She’s running for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. If you’re feeling charitable please do pop over to her sponsorship page and donate a fiver. It’s for a great cause.

Ever since the phrase ‘Good For Your Age’ came up in conversation, I’ve been fascinated by the idea.

No-one can halt the aging process, so the next best thing is to be ‘Good For Your Age’.

This is something that has become increasingly poignant for me since turning 40.

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Not On A Diet Simple Paleo Fish Finger Recipe

First things first. I’m not on a Paleo diet.

(What diet could I be on where alcohol is prohibited? Whaaaat?)

I’m not a fan of specific or ‘labelled’ diets. Although I totally advocate losing weight when needed, and using the time-proven formula of:


About 7lbs is what I need to lose. The combination of immobility after hip surgery and lack of cardiovascular exercise (aka running), has added half a stone to my frame. Mostly around the thighs by my reckoning.

Breaking my ‘no more recipe books’ pact with myself, in my Aldi trolley a book did go. This is unlike me. I don’t impulse purchase and typically practice conscious spending. It was however a great buy. (phew).

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Clearing 7 Years Bad Luck

You may have read we’re experiencing a bit of bad luck at Chez Wright.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this post explains it.

This isn’t a new thing. In fact it started 18 April 2008.

That’d add up to almost 7 years of bad luck, if my mental arithmetic serves me right.

Now I’m thinking it’s not bad karma. I’ve been clocking up karma points, on a regular basis, for a long time. And I do not recall breaking any mirrors.

Mirror Mirror

This shot was taken in my hall mirror. ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who takes the scariest selfie of them all?”

Which makes me think there may be something else at play. Stay with me on this.

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Food Waste Friday / What Shouldn’t Be In My Fridge?

It’s #FoodWasteFriday Guys.

Food Waste Friday began in 2008 when Kristen aka The Frugal Girl, embarrassed by the amount of food she was wasting, decided to call herself out and blog about her food waste on a Friday.


I joined in 2010 and have been hosting alternate weeks for a couple of years now as Kristen kindly invited me to get involved.

My spin on #FoodWasteFriday is to photograph my Friday fridge, and to follow a No Waste Tastes Great routine.

You can read all about my routine here.

This week’s Fridge has a little something in it that shouldn’t be there.

Can you see what is out-of-place?

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Losing My Way

I feel I’ve lost my way recently, since just before Christmas.

Circumstances have meant I’ve struggled to blog regularly and effectively, and I’ve gone off track.

The intention was to blog better this year, but then another bad news bomb dropped.

Truly I’m expecting Ashton Kutcher to appear and declare “You’ve been punk’d!”

Punk'd Polaroid

The decision has been made not to blog about the latest dose of misfortune the Wrights have encountered.

It was never my intention when starting this blog to turn it into a personal story about my everyday life – the ups and the downs – in particular not the downs. It was to focus on the journey of simplifying family life. Which I can and should continue to do whatever life throws at me. To blog in a way that benefits us all, and isn’t just a narrative of my life.

My question is why do you read my blog? What do you want to read about? I sincerely want to get back on track and provide good quality content that’s a pleasure, not a chore, to read.

Help me get back on track, please.

Thank you!