Going Back To My Mindful Roots

I’ve always been an over-thinker and an over-analyser.

Now this can be a weakness, but it can also be an asset. As with most personality attributes.

From time to time I question my reason for blogging. Looking round the blogosphere there are so many blogs to read, and some of such high quality and content, that any self-aware blogger may question – why am I blogging? for all the answers to everything are out there. Do I have the credibility and knowledge to add to the conversation or am I just virtual noise and clutter?

Barmouth Rocks SBM

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Food Waste Friday / Later Than Planned

It’s Food Waste Friday. It’s also Good Friday. Happy Good Friday everyone.

I had lots planned today, including posting about Food Waste Friday this AM.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon

(I hope that’s an accurate quote – I haven’t checked and have been caught out before.)

Fortunately before all my plans changed I managed to follow my Friday routine.

Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge


Had I posted when anticipated I’d be telling you all how I had a mackerel salad for lunch planned.Now I can say I actually did have mackerel for lunch – past tense.


I could also have said how my potential waste was being chopped and diced and popped in the slow cooker to make a Paleo Nail Soup.


In fact that soup is now almost ready to serve.

Life did indeed happen while I was making plans, hence this post is later than usual. But fortunately I’d already carried out some of my plans and was able to follow my No Waste Tastes Great routine regardless.

I’ve often said my Friday fridge demonstrates the week I have had. Up until today it was going according to plan, hence there’s no mass devastation.

How’s your food waste and fridge looking this Friday? Please do share in the comments below!

As always I’d like to thank Kristen, The Frugal Girl, the original inspiration behind Food Waste Friday.


Open House / Maximizing The Minutes

I have a poorly child at home today. So while he naps I’ve hit the blog, opening it up for a Thursday chat.

Since becoming a mother I have found that guaranteed blocks of time, where you can focus on doing a specific thing, are few and far between. Now that both of mine are in school there is definitely more time to devote to certain things, but as 1 became 3 (me+2 mini-humans) I’m never quite the master of my own destiny. The phone can always ring with the ‘Mrs Wright…It’s about your son…’

(I once took such a call when I had forgotten to collect my daughter from school – but that’s a story for another day).

One thing I have learnt is to maximize (maximise? couldn’t decide) the minutes, as the hours may never come.

There must be so many minutes available to us that when viewed as unique units of time they seem insignificant, but when added together combine to generate substantial opportunity to ‘get things done’.

In the past I’ve been guilty of spending more time thinking about things than actually doing them.

But now I try to Just Do It.

Little and often is the name of the game. Those 10 spellings the kids need to learn for the test each Friday? 1 minute practicing 2 at a time.  The daily physio exercises required to rehabilitate from hip surgery? Instead of 30 minutes doing them all, just 5 minutes spent on each exercise staggered throughout the day should achieve the same goal.

Just a couple of minutes of maths makes the world of difference. They're not for me by the way!

Just a couple of minutes of maths makes the world of difference. They’re not for me by the way!

And as for decluttering – well as you know I’m a fan of 10 minutes a day.

The question to kick off the open house (blog) today is how do you maximize the minutes?

(p.s this post took me 10 minutes)

But as always on a Thursday feel free to deviate down any train of thought!



Good For Your Age

My dear friend, Darcy’s Mum, received her number for the London Marathon yesterday.

This will be the first time she has managed to get a place, narrowly missing out on a ‘Good For Your Age’ place last year. She’s running for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. If you’re feeling charitable please do pop over to her sponsorship page and donate a fiver. It’s for a great cause.

Ever since the phrase ‘Good For Your Age’ came up in conversation, I’ve been fascinated by the idea.

No-one can halt the aging process, so the next best thing is to be ‘Good For Your Age’.

This is something that has become increasingly poignant for me since turning 40.

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