My Creative (& Slightly Cluttered) Kitchen

School’s out due to industrial action in the UK, so we’ve been having our very own home-economics class .

It was super easy home-made kids pizza for lunch…


Followed by ‘decorate a cupcake’ dessert…


(not all for us, half went home with friends…)

I’m sure you can guess, the kitchen is in a bit of a mess.

As I cleaned my kitchen floor, *on my hands and knees, a recurring thought popped into my head.

*I’m still a hand-wipe gal when it comes to floors. Some habits die-hard, this one I developed from watching my own Mom do it for years. Not sure my ever-aging knees will thank me for it, particularly with all the running as well.

It’s time for a deep declutter, cleanse and ultimately a redecorate of my kitchen.

It’s been 5-years since it was last painted.

I actually enjoy decorating, but am daunted at the prospect of having to downtime my busy kitchen whilst work is in progress.

The declutter will also be a significant task. My kitchen isn’t minimal.

I’ve asked the question before..can a family kitchen be minimal?

It’s the heart of our home. It’s where I spend 80% of my time. And where we come together to eat, and share our day.

It’s our salvation when, on a Saturday afternoon the boredom of two young children is quickly alleviated by painting ‘lucky shells’ at the kitchen table.


Our kitchen is a hotbed of activity, a hive of creativity.

It’s a great place to be.

But minimal it is not. I’m pretty sure my baking paraphernalia is multiplying whilst I sleep.

There’s only one way to tackle it. A cupboard or a drawer at a time. Fortunately the fridge, freezer and the food storage cupboards won’t require much attention. That’s kept in hand with my Friday routine.

Slow and steady wins the race.

How would you tackle it?

(The pizza recipe will be shared soon. It’s easy to follow and uses basic ingredients so the kids can make it themselves with minimal supervision)


  1. Well done for baking the kids & their friends. I would certainly lack the patience!
    On the other hand, decluttering, even the kitchen, is something I love doing, even though kitchen/baking supply shops are my favourite. Any way I can help?

  2. How would I do the declutter/redecorate? A bit at a time, and by the time I finished it would be time to start again. How would my husband do it? Like a hurricane, and the cleanup afterward would be horrendous. Guess how well we manage together when we’re re-doing things? haha! But somehow it gets done … which seems to suggest that either way will work!

    Your kitchen is already beautiful! Will you change the colour or just freshen it up?

  3. I hate clutter! Our kitchen went through some de-cluttering last year but definitely need more work! Start with the obvious, whatever hasn’t been used for years won’t be used. Don’t be sentimal about it! Then whatever is broken has to go! De-cluttering is a wonderful feeling when it is over! You can do it! And if you are anything like me, it will inspire you! Good luck!

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