No Waste Tastes Great / Holey Cake Batman!

It’s Friday Guys – time for No Waste Tastes Great.

Every Friday morning I follow my simple No Waste Tastes Great routine

Not this morning.

To cut a long-story short I ended up visiting A&E (ER) yesterday. It was all something about nothing. I’m fine. But it taught me a lesson. It also inspired a blog post which I’ll share soon.

My unplanned hospital visit, however, resulted in this;


Not a good look for a special little boy’s birthday cake?

This is better;


And this is even better;


(although not quite finished – I’ve the windows in Gotham city, round the base, to add next)

Hence the Batman cake which should have been completed last night is still being decorated, because, you guessed it, I had to bake and cool another madeira cake!

What would Robin say? “Holey Cake Batman?”…

((want to make your own (one without a hole?) – click here))

As a firm believer in No Waste Tastes Great the cake will get eaten here at Chez Wright over the week. It’ll spruce up fine with jam and buttercream, or warm with custard. It’ll taste just fine. And it’ll mean it doesn’t go to waste.

(My friday fridge will appear on Facebook later today, unless I inadvertently end up in casualty)…

How’s your Fridge looking this Friday? Anything to declare? Or is it nice and bare? Please share…and don’t forget to drop a link in the comments if you’ve blogged about it!

No Waste Tastes Great is bought to you (as always) with thanks to The Frugal Girl for the original inspiration.






  1. Hah! I can’t imagine cake EVER going to waste here, as we only have it on birthdays – so any other cake would be devoured!!

    Glad you’re okay. Emergencies do eat up time, don’t they? It’s a relief to get back to the mundane.

  2. Hey SBM. I just wanted to pop in and say that your cake looks fabulous :) I am a big Batman fan and even at the young age of 52 I still get all happy when I see a Batman related anything…so your cake brought a big smile to my face and I’m sure it will do, or already has, to your little guy as well.

    Take care and thanks again. All the best.


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