Food Waste Friday / Can You Feng Shui A Fridge?

It’s Friday Guys – My turn once more to host Food Waste Friday!


Each week since March 2008, in order to motivate her to waste less food, Kristen The Frugal Girl, has posted a picture of any food that has gone bad over the last seven days. She found this embarrassing practice so helpful, to her, that she invited other bloggers to post their own photos, and Food Waste Friday was born.
I started participating in October 2010 and have found, that 2-years on, the amount of food I waste is minimal. In fact every Friday, as part of my No Waste Tastes Great routine, I account (and devise a plan) for all my potential food waste as well as confessing to any items that I failed to save.
Kristen has kindly asked me to host Food Waste Friday, alternate weeks (when she doesn’t post herself), and her initial invite for everyone to join in is cordially extended here!

Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

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Quite a busy fridge?

It was a lot busier before it had its weekly scrub down and tidy!

Everything has a purpose and place just how I like it.

It made me think? It all has a purpose and a destination but is it in the right place in the fridge? Can you feng shui a fridge?


Those who regularly read No Waste Tastes Great, know I keep my heavy jars/condiments in the bottom of the fridge as it is a difficult area to access. And also out of sight can mean out of mind and I wouldn’t want to forget any imminently perishable foodstuffs such as salad, which is what I believe the bottom drawer is designed for.

An okay, (could do better) week on the waste front, all in all. 

½ a carrot, a baked potato I planned to mash (oops) and after my bottom drawer clean out, some pickle is also going to waste.


I take full responsiblity.

However I don’t take total responsibility for the waste that was generated from me making this;


As I was prepping the mixture, the Hubby arrived home. So as I was elbow deep in eggs I decided to whip him up an omelette.

The black pepper to season the beaten egg got grounded into the wrong bowl.

Let’s add cake mixture to this weeks losses shall we? And let’s proportion a part of the blame to the Hubby? ;-)

As always I’ll leave the last word to Kristen…
“How did you do this week? If you blogged about your food waste, link us up by entering your info into the widget below. You’ll save money, reduce your trash output, and get a little publicity for your blog! And if you don’t blog, you can still share about your food waste by leaving a comment.

**I’ve decided not to include the LINKY for the foreseeable. My blog doesn’t allow links on the actual post, and being redirected to another page isn’t ideal. Please drop your link in the comments section.**

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  1. The cake looks great! Love the marbled fondant on the top layer. But I’d have been tempted to try the pepper cake too. We’re a bit addicted to pepper in our house though, it gets added to almost everything.

    Sad to declare waste here. I was good and ordered a lot of healthy food to arrive after we got back from holiday. Then the snow hit, can’t say we fancied salad after that! Tried to use as much as I could, but a small compost bag’s worth went into the green bin this week.

    • Black pepper has come back to haunt me. One of the first meals I prepped when we moved in together was spaghetti carbonara. I added pepper (it was in a shaker at the time) and as I shook the lid came off, and emptied pretty much the contents of it into the dish. Looking back I must always have been a bit of a closet no-waste-gal, as we still ate it. We’re both scarred for life from that experience!
      Hope you had a lovely holiday, shame about the waste, but it’s been one of those weeks hasn’t it with the weather?

  2. I agree, you should have tried the pepper cake. You might have come up with a great new recipe! :P

    Well here is my Wasteful Wednesday link. If you can’t click on that, try this: I did a little better than the 2 almost full gallons of milk last week. (sigh!) Isn’t the sight of a nice clean fridge just great? I wish I could see it more often. You know, without all of the work of scrubbing. lol

  3. Having traveled last weekend, the fridge was pretty empty already – all previous waste having been either eaten or declared.

    I may finally bite the bullet on the pork & tomato braise I made months ago and didn’t like. I choked some of it down for lunches but it felt like pennance. Then I defrosted and rebraised the pork, thinking it was tough because I didn’t braise it long enough but to be honest I’ve been avoiding trying it because I didn’t like the earlier version.

    Good Saves:
    On my trip I tidied my hosts’ fridge; little actual waste but the organizing will help avoid future waste. I made french toast with stale bread (did you know that the French call it “lost bread”? Very appropriate). Best of all, I helped them avoid future waste by pointing out the only wasted food was in the opaque produce bins. At my suggestion they took out the bins and use that spot for long-lasting veggies instead.

    • I wonder if there’s a marketing opportunity here? You’ve taken to reorganising fridges, and I’m considering feng shui! There may even be a gap for ‘fridge clearing ceremonies?’ hmmm…I’m mulling over a changing career and I’m already registered self-employed….food for thought!?!?;-)
      Interesting your decision on the pork. Without sounding too uptight, I never freeze or reheat pork, ham or turkey. Am I missing a trick?

      • Ugh a whole can of cream of mushroom soup went to waste. My daughter grabbed me some cream of chicken and accidently grabbed that can of mushroom. I had it in the fridge and should have froze it as I used cream of soups in a lot of dishes. Lesson learned. About a cup of country gravy went by the waste side. That is what happens when you use containers that are see through. A 1/2 of a brat that my graddaughter was supposed to finish but didn’t. A quarter piece of pizza. I think that is it. We must do better in the Rayhousehold this week!

      • Since you asked my opinion … yes, I’d say you were missing a trick. Those meats can be frozen/reheated just as beef can. General rule of thumb is freeze once per state: frozen or cooked. Doing otherwise isn’t unsafe but the meat tends to lose its nice texture. Reheating can make it a bit tough, but doing it slowly or with some liquid will help with that.

        I normally wouldn’t refreeze cooked meat but since I didn’t like it anyway I wouldn’t lose much if it turned out badly.

  4. I had another not so great week … BUT! – it was a not so great week for a good cause! I was inspired by your super organized fridge to clean out my own, which meant binning several items that have been lurking at the back of the fridge. I’m hoping that the combination of several bad weeks in a row and the fridge clean out will make it easier for me to restart and get back on track!

  5. That’s such an odd arrangement for your refrigerator bottom drawer. Am I understanding that to access those items in the drawer that you have to clear that bottom shelf?

    Condiments are our waste items around here, as you only use a small amount at a time, and don’t use any one condiment with much frequency. I’ve taken to dividing my condiments when I first open them, and freezing half right away. It works with cooked condiments, like chutney or seafood cocktail sauce. But not so well with whole pickles.

        • Interesting, Jo. I wonder if there is another term for when a store has something advertised, but they run out. In the US, they issue you a piece of paper that basically says to come back in a week or two, when we have more stock, and you can have the sale price then.

          Or perhaps this isn’t customary when a store runs out of advertised stock in the UK. When a store advertises something on sale, there, and they’ve run out, are you just out of luck? Or will the store make a substitution for you, or some sort of guarantee that you will be able to buy that product at the advertised price?

    • Pesto and any kind of Indian Curry sauce freezes well, and must be frozen at our house; we do the same, freeze half right away.

    • You could be right Elizabeth… I vaguely recall the healing properties of lavendar being discovered accidentally by someone immersing there arm in a vat of it after a burn? Or did I dream all that… will have to google it.
      Will pop over to yours later today… great to get a heads up on a blog I haven’t seen yet! Yay!

  6. Had quite a few things for the compost this week, some from neglect and some because my hubby was too tired to eat most nights :( I should be freezing things as soon as they haven’t been eaten for one or two days. I did save some overcooked macaroni by adding a cheese sauce and baking it longer than usual – it dried out the pasta quite well.

    Your cake is so lovely! Pity about the pepper in the first batch.

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