No Waste Tastes Great / Plus Naked Muffins And A Great Giveaway Heads Up

It’s Friday Guys – time for No Waste Tastes Great

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Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge


Top Shelf – Spreads and garlic

Top Middle Shelf – Small pot of mashed potato (for Dan’s lunch today)

Bottom Middle Shelf – 1/4 of a cucumber (will be eaten today)

Bottom Shelf – Bowl of Apples and satsumas (a few days left in them!)

Door – Milk, OJ and Water (To be used up over the weekend)

Oh yes, I’ve kept my eye on the ball this week.

Well kind of. Notice fruit has made an appearance in the fridge? I normally keep a fruit bowl (in sight) on the counter (so we remember to eat them!). However this happened mid-week:

Satsumas are causing me some waste issues recently.

So I’m trying out refrigerating fruit, after all, I’ve got the space to spare!

Anyhow, after that food waste confession – wanna see some naked muffins?

I haven’t quite got food waste totally cracked, but I’m getting there. My no-waste thoughts have started wandering elsewhere.

Something that has been weighing heavy on my mind, of late, is non-food waste and in particular – packaging. Hence no cases on the muffins.

I’m trying to think of ways to reduce packaging waste here at Chez Wright, and the wheels are in motion. I do have an experiment up my sleeve, which I hope to update on next week.

How’s your Fridge looking this Friday? Anything to declare? Or is it nice and bare? Please share…

No Waste Tastes Great is bought to you (as always) with thanks to The Frugal Girl for the original inspiration.


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  1. Jo,
    I struggle with staying on budget and emptying my refrigerator. Do you plan meals a week in advance and always keep basics on hand? I feel like I’m always running out of something and making extra trips to the store which of course means spending way more than I should be. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Tina – I think a lot of people would be surprised at how little I keep in my store-cupboard and freezer. Key to it all is meal planning. It needs to be pretty precise also, and can take a bit of getting used to. I rarely overbuy anything. If I don’t have something, I omit or use something else. Or…and a top tip if you can…rather than nipping to the store/shop, borrow from a neighbour. The muffins are a good example of this. Firstly I didn’t have any blueberries left, so instead we used dried cranberries (Dan and I bake one night a week when Big Sis is at Brownies – a little tradition – my Son will be able to cook!! ;-)). But when we came to add the eggs – guess what, none in the fridge! Duh! So a neighbour obliged, and I repaid by sending 2 muffins round the next day. Saved me a trip out, and also meant I couldn’t find anything else I really ‘needed’! Also if I don’t have the things I need I eat something else, anything goes here. I had a tin of mackerel in the cupboard on Friday, so for lunch I had it on wholemeal toast spread with tom puree – sprinkled with dried oregano. Had anyone asked me what I fancied for lunch that day, pretty sure it wouldn’t have been top of the list but I enjoyed it, and it’s healthy. Try meal planning consistently for a month – using the same menu each week, you’ll start to learn what you need, what you don’t, what to buy extra off. One thing i would suggest keeping in, if you eat them, are eggs. These have saved my ‘bacon’ (pardon the pun) many a time!

  2. I used to bake muffins just in the tin, no papers. But now I’m a bit lazier and use those wrappers. Your muffins look divine! I try very hard no to waste what I’ve worked so hard to provide, whether from the garden or the store. One night a week I peruse all the goodies hanging out in my fridge and concoct something. This week it was a soup from leftover baked beans, leftover turkey gravy, a spicy hot link, leftover caramelized onions and a few new veggies. It was quite tasty actually. Soup seems to be a good use-it-up meal.

    • That soup sounds fantastic! I love beans in soup! Your routine of using up the bits and pieces is very similar to my way of working. Anything goes here… think outside the recipe and chuck it all in!

  3. Muffins look amazing Jo!! Packaging is something we have tried really hard with, but the supermarkets make it so hard. We started small, by eliminating carrier bags (easy as aldi charge for theirs, why don’t all supermarkets do this!?). Husband is the eco-warrier, he declared last week that our wheelie bin was only a quarter full, but we need to try harder :)

    Sharron x

    • Hey Sharron – how you ‘diddling’? How’s study going?
      Quarter full sounds pretty non-wasteful to me….
      Glad you popped by… Laura asked some advice on where to stay/go in Liverpool recently onthis post. I couldn’t help, and did reply you may be the lady to ask?

  4. Just replied to Laura, you can pass her my e-mail if she want’s it!!

    I’m fine Jo, things are pretty good. I love Uni and have made some really good friends. I go on placement in 3 weeks and i can’t wait!!!

    Sharron xx

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