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You could say I am slightly obsessed with photographs. Or you could say I’m mightily obsessed with photographs.

I’m old enough (and wrinkly enough) to have a cupboard full of photo albums. Albums of me as a child, and many more throughout my life. This includes my wedding day – it’s hard to imagine now that in 2002 wedding photographers were still using roll-film to capture the big day – but they were.

Florida 2003

It wasn’t until our 2nd honeymoon (yes we had 2) – Florida in 2003 that we purchased a digital camera. Large and cumbersome and holding just 64 photographs – and yet this seemed a miracle after having to take multiple rolls of film on our travels, and then wishing for the best when the developers returned our precious holiday snaps.

That’s when the photographs were returned by the developer of course. I remember waiting nervously after one holiday to Mexico in 1998, when it didn’t look hopeful that the postie would be pushing memories through our letterbox – they arrived 2 weeks late. I was so relieved it never crossed my mind to complain about the service.

I no longer spend hours making up albums as I have so few hard copy photographs to display, we only print off a handful for frames. But I still have hundreds of photographs held on various devices – interestingly very few on an actual camera now. As a Mum, as my family grew so did my digital photograph collection, mainly on my phone.

Times have moved on, and how we store and share our photographs have moved on alongside that. Cameras on phones are so sophisticated, taking such good quality snaps that no moment or memory is ever lost – I’m always prepared, just like a good girl scout.

What this also means is I now have triple, no make that 30x the images I used to have at any one time. My phone camera may hold considerably more than 64 images, and yet the message ‘camera storage is full’ constantly reminds me I’m not as methodical in organising my photographs. This message tends to appear at critical moments – school plays, award ceremonies and birthday parties.

So when Western Digital contacted me about My Ultra Passport I got a teeny-weeny bit excited. I love a simple solution to a problem.

My Passport Ultra is an amazing portable hard-drive. It has fantastic capacity (as high as 3To of storage) and due to the size, is super easy to transport – making it so simple to transfer data from mobile devices and free up valuable space. Although created specifically for fast-moving individuals such as travellers, students and creative professionals – us mothers will find it indispensable when out and about and away from home. Never again will I miss a key moment or desperately try to delete unwanted photos from my camera in a hurry to make some space. Yes we have all been there! And for those among us who are a little bit paranoid (that’d be me) it is also encrypted for additional security. The product is available as 500GB or 1/2/3 Tb in 5 colours.

Digital Soloutions For Mums

Here’s what Western Digital have to say about their compact and convenient problem solver;

My Passport Ultra is a sleek, powerful and secure little device. Behind the colourful exterior are seven generations of innovation and reliability. Millions of people around the world chose My Passport as their portable hard drive. Maybe you should, too. My Passport Ultra offers flexible backup options, 256-bit hardware-based data encryption and a three-year limited warranty.

This post is sponsored by Western Digital – but as you know I only ever accept sponsored posts from brands and products that I genuinely recommend and feel would bring benefit to my readers.



I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine

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