Two Pies To Use Up Potatoes

Happy Food Waste Friday Y’all.

This Friday I’d like to share two ways to use up potatoes.

Or rather two pies to use up potatoes.

If you read my post yesterday, you’ll already know that my fanatical meal-planning has taken a dive. Currently I’m not obsessively planning dinners for the week to come, it’s more in the style of seat-of-the-pants.

Hence there have been a few last-minute, emergency meals whipped up at the eleventh hour.

One of which was this:

Emergency Cod And Potato Pie Recipe

Two pies to use up potatoes

As I was prepping it, all I could think was, what a great way to use up potatoes. The post didn’t mention that I actually used slightly sprouting potatoes and trimmed them thoroughly.

Did you know you can trim off sprouts, but you should never eat the sprouts or any potatoes that have turned green?

Potatoes are a great basic ingredient for simple but tasty family meals.

This Cheese, Onion and Potato Topless Pie is one of our favourites here at Chez Wright.


What are you favourite potato based pies?


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