Food Waste Friday | Spot The Difference

Can you spot the difference this Food Waste Friday?


1 is waste, 1 is fresh.

I’m guessing you can spot the difference, although it can be tricky with salad – a photograph doesn’t always show how inedible it is. Maybe it’s the vibrant colours?

I guarantee the salad on the left isn’t edible, not by me anyway. It smells rather funky.

What did I forget to do?

Take a look at the image on the right.

Spot the difference again?

A solitary piece of kitchen roll in the bottom of the glass container.

I find this makes the world of difference, just this one action can prolong the life of salad considerably. Also as it absorbs moisture through the week, it can also be changed – and this I’ve found has helped further. But don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself.

The fresh salad has been popped back in my culled and cleaned fridge as part of my Friday routine.

Food Waste Friday Fridge

Also popped back in, for now, is the broccoli and leek.

I’m pushing my luck with both of these items now – overnight I plan to slow cook them with some cheddar cheese for lunch tomorrow.

Cheese Broccoli Leek

It’ll be a adaptation of this recipe – leek instead of onion, and cheddar instead of Stilton.

Overall not a bad week on the food waste front – but there’s always room for improvement. A little salad has gone to waste, and I have cleared the remnants from 2 jars also (clotted cream and cheese/bacon sauce) and that would be classed as waste also, as there was more than a spoonful or 2. I do have a plan for the jars though. They are currently soaking to remove the labels. If I get opportunity I will post next week – a lovely and simple idea for a gift.

How’s your Food Waste Friday looking? Any top tips on how to prolong this life of salad?

(Happy Earth Day :))

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