Greek Yogurt Honey And Mustard Dressing

I’m not a fan of having a large array of condiments in the fridge.

Firstly because my fridge is so small I cannot afford to take up that much space with irregularly used items.

But also so many of them go to waste. Agree? Disagree? Have a think about your own condiment collection – or one you have had (I have been there believe me).

As you walk the aisles at the local supermarket, the condiments all lined up must be one of the most appealing sections for a savoury-toothed lover of pickles, vinegar and tangy sauces person like myself. Condiments are one of the most story-telling foodstuffs you can find – with historical information on when the first secret recipe Grandma passed down was bottled, or how you can add music to your soul by marinading your chicken in just a shake or two of this sauce.

It’s all good stuff. Eating is a pleasurable experience, or at least should be, and if you can heighten that with a dash of a story and the feel-good-factor, then why not? It’s also all marketing, which increases price, and in some cases encourages impulse purchasing. Have you ever purchased a condiment that you have no use for or even any clear idea what to do with it – but it is just so tempting you cannot resist? We all have I’d wager.

When it comes to refrigerated condiments, I like to keep it simple, without sacrificing taste. I keep in the basics – bbq sauce, mustard, mayo, mint sauce and a few others from time to time (I’m not a ketchup fan – so that’s a rare occurrence).

I don’t tend to buy ready-made dressings – as they typically accompany one type of dish but not others. This limits their use, and also reduces the chances of being used up within the recommended time frame.

You guessed it, I make my own.

This Greek Yogurt, Honey And Mustard Dressing is probably the simplest dressing ever (I say probably as I’m guessing there are dressing recipes just made from 2 ingredients out there)

This dressing works great on salads, but as it is made up of 3 simple ingredients which are used in the kitchen for multiple other things the items rarely go to waste, or get ‘timed-out’. The honey also isn’t taking up fridge space.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Honey And Mustard Dressing

Dijon Mustard


Runny Honey


Per person you need approx 4 tablespoons of yogurt to 1 teaspoon of honey and just half a teaspoon to 1 (depending on how much of a kick you like – start with less and add more if unsure) of mustard.

Mix thoroughly…

Optimized-IMG_6588 (002)

Add to the salad…

Optimized-IMG_6590 (002)

What great, but simple, salad dressings do you make from scratch?



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  • Julie C April 19, 2016, 1:41 pm

    I love having a variety of condiments, but it does take up a lot of space, like you say. I always make honey mustard using honey, mustard & mayo, but I think I’ll give your recipe a try with the Greek yogurt.

    • SimplyBeingMum April 19, 2016, 5:21 pm

      I think you’ll like it…

  • deb April 19, 2016, 4:28 pm

    I like to keep just the basic condiments in our fridge too. Mayo, mustard, ketchup and bbq sauce. When we feel like being “fancy” we just mix different ones together and make up our own sauces.
    We have bought sauces that peaked our interest but in the end usually don’t taste very good and we end up throwing them out. 🙁
    Your dressing looks good, I think i may try it with sour cream instead since that’s what we usually keep in our fridge instead of the yogurt.

    • SimplyBeingMum April 19, 2016, 5:21 pm

      Sour cream would be a good alternative I reckon!

  • Fede Pastabites May 9, 2016, 2:44 pm

    I am embarrassed to say I have plenty of condiments in the fridge. Still, at least I confess, i do eat them way past their sell by date. I have pot of caramelised onions from waitrose, which just keeps going. It expired ages ago, and i am still eating it and it hasn’t killed me 🙂 Wouldnt serve it to guests, but I am happy not to waste it.

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