Super Simple Breadcrumbs Recipe

It’s Friday Guys – Food Waste Friday.

Short and sweet this Friday, a simple breadcrumbs recipe.

Wednesday morning I went to pop some bread in the toaster to discover that a toasted piece of bread had been left overnight.


Not really sure who the culprit was, but as my memory isn’t quite what it was, I can’t really start blaming anyone else.

A quick whizz in my Nutri Ninja ( I love my Nutri Ninja – not sponsored ;)) and,

Super Simple Breadcrumbs

super simple breadcrumbs…

That’d be a food waste save right there.

Not the most amazing save, but a save none the less.

We all need breadcrumbs on hand.

Did you see what a whipped up for dinner on Monday when I made a meal-planning faux-pas? As in I didn’t meal plan at all? Caught a little on the hop it was soon rectified by Salmon and Sweet Potato Fish Cakes.

Salmon And Sweet Potato Fish Cakes Recipe

I didn’t use traditional breadcrumb as a coating – but ground almonds. These do work quite well and great for those reducing carbs or following the Paleo diet.

Do you have any other great coatings to suggest as an alternative to breadcrumbs?

Here’s the Food Waste Friday linky for those participating this Friday!

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