How To Make Pizza Vita

Regular readers will know I rarely post on a Saturday, but as I missed my weekly Food Waste Friday slot yesterday I just had to check in.

Now you may be wondering why when I had promised a Food Waste Friday linky every week, I didn’t honour my word.

Too much of this I’d say:

Airspace & Pizza

We spent the day at a trampoline park and then at the local Bella Italia. Some days The Wright’s just wanna have fun.

Saturday night is Pizza night at Chez Wright. It’s one of our family traditions. And we do love our traditions. This Saturday I tried something a little bit different – my very own version of Bella Italia’s Pizza Vita.

Aldi have stopped stocking ready to bake ready rolled pizza dough (shame on you! but still love you!) so I purchased my dough from Asda. It will easily make 3 Pizza Vitas.

You can of course make your own pizza dough – here’s a recipe of mine. Pizza Vita at Bella Italia is made with wholemeal flour – which I love. But short on time I opted for a few short-cuts this Saturday.

We need more pizza with corners in my opinion. I’m a huge fan of things with sharp rather than rounded edges when it comes to the kitchen – tins for example – more square less round please. Even for a round cake – at least you’d be able to get your hands in to ease it out.

How to make Pizza Vita

You will need pizza dough approx. 6″x 12″ (ready rolled pizza dough sheets cut into approx. 3 of these)

Pizza Dough

Place on a non-stick tray and spread over your preferred pizza topping (I used Napolina pizza topping from a jar)

Pizza Topping

Bake as per the instructions – approx. 10 minutes in a hot oven.

Baked Pizza

Remove from oven and top with:

A good handful of rocket

Rocket on Pizza

Halved baby plum tomatoes (I added 10 halves) and sliced Mozzarella cheese (40g is about right – a 1/3 of a ball)

How To Make Pizza Vita

The Bella Italia Pizza Vita comes in under 600 calories, so I was keen to see how my version compared:

Pizza base (1/3 of Asda easy share pizza base) 350 kcal

Pizza topping 48 kcal

Mozzarella (1/3 ball of Asda’s own make full fat) 90 kcal

5 x baby plum tomatoes (halved) 15 calories

Rocket approx 5-10 calories

Total calories just over 500, but I do have a few less toppings on my Pizza Vita.

Cost *£1.40

*Totally appreciate making food at home has a totally different cost base, and that I have not accounted for the cost of energy consumed.

(Other ingredients that could be added include spinach and/or basil leaves and olives for a full on Mediterranean taste sensation)

15 mins from start to finish – what a result! And it tastes fantastic. Couldn’t be simpler. Pizza Vita.

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