Simply Being Mum’s Spring Sale 2016

Spring has sprung. In fact it sprung on the 20 March.

So I’m thinking let’s give this Simply Being Mum’s Spring Sale malarkey another go guys?

Our garage a few years back - much less cluttered now

Our garage a few years back – much less cluttered now

My last Spring Sale started off great guns and then a bit of bad luck struck – and I got a little side-tracked.

Back on track this year and once again have the (possibly fictitious – but who cares as it starts with an S so goes nicely) £600 figure in mind.

(years ago I read that at any one time a household has on average £600 worth of items in the home they no longer use, need or love – I cannot however find the source anywhere!)

Spring seems the perfect season to get stuck in with this challenge. I’ve always believed that the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ originated from the Stone Age when cave people emptied their caves after a harsh winter and spruced the place up a bit – but Wikipedia disagrees. I kinda like my explanation though.

I have a feeling this is my 4th year at attempting this challenge, but cannot be bothered to check back (can you tell what kind of mood I’m in today?).

The rules of the challenge:

  1. There are no rules – because that would be boring and restrictive.

This is what I’m going to do. Between the first day of Spring (20 March) and the last day of Spring (19 June) I am going to try to sell any item that is no longer required in our home. If it is unsaleable but no longer required, I will donate it to a local charity shop or re-home it with someone who does need it and will use it (the aim is not to clutter others up).  Every so often I will check in with whoever is following along or participating (please do play with me!) and publish a £ figure that has been generated. This may not be a blog post every week – as there may not be much to say – but at least 3 times between now and then there will be a blog post and a link up if you’d like to share your Spring Sale Challenge posts.

The aim is to generate £600, but as importantly it’s to have another blast at decluttering.

I’ll be out an about on all sorts of social media updating and hash-tagging – so if blogging ain’t your thing you can play along there instead!

Let’s get this show on the road.

(Just checked back and it looks as though the first Simply Being Mum’s Spring Sale was actually 2011)

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  • Susan (Eastendmom) March 24, 2016, 4:25 pm

    I am always up for decluttering, and will be happy to join in. However, I no longer do garage/yard sales. There are some other possible places I can try to list things for sale to make a bit of extra money, but for the most part I just donate things. You are right, the ultimate goal is to get it OUT of my house! Best of luck to you in your 2016 challenge.

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