How To Maximise Finances

January 2016. Back to reality. Time to focus and prioritise.

Top of the agenda is ‘health’. Feeling fit to burst, and lethargic, from the excesses of Christmas, it feels good to be shopping sensibly once more. My basket is full of nutritious foods, and I’m sticking to my grocery budget.

Also on the agenda this year is ‘wealth’. To generate extra income and to maximise finances. To spend wisely and consciously. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about reducing waste.

This theme continuously runs through our home. Whether it be reducing food waste, selling clutter or just being extra mindful in what is consumed.

Are you looking to reduce spend and consumption this year?

One area that can make a significant difference to a family’s finances is the amount of energy used in the home.

There are simple things you can do to reduce consumption. It’s the little things that add up. For example fill your kettle to the minimum amount required to reduce boiling time or use your wash basin plug instead of letting water run down the drain to reduce wastage. One of the most effective, and simplest, things you can do is pop an extra jumper on and drop your thermostat down a degree or two. (I’m actually typing this blog post wrapped in a blanket rather than putting the heating on!).

maximise finances cover up with a blanket

Ofgem (the energy regulator whose primary objective is to protect the interests of gas and electricity customers) also suggest you could also save up to £200 by switching energy suppliers’

Their ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ website gives independent advice and information and links to price comparison websites which are signed up to Ofgem’s confidence code  The site helps customers when choosing or changing their energy suppliers (the site includes comparison tools, a glossary of terms used on energy bills, links to useful sites, and a downloadable guide).

This is a sponsored post, but please be aware I only collaborate with companies which I feel bring a true benefit to my readers and who I personally would use and recommend. If you have not compared your energy supplier to others then this may be a great way to save money and maximise finances. Please do take a look to compare tariffs, it’s an independent site so they are on your side.

Do you have any suggestions on how to maximise finances?

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