War On Waste

It’s Friday Guys. Food Waste Friday or rather #foodwastefriday.

On a Friday I always check out what’s happening over on Twitter. The hashtag #foodwastefriday is being used more and more.

While casually hanging around Twitter I noticed a few other food waste related hashtags. One in particular caught my eye #wastenot.

Now, I do recall one lovely reader drawing my attention to this campaign headed up by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

But last November I was a little distracted by things closer to home. I didn’t watch Hugh’s War On Waste on the BBC.

I’m catching up.

Did you watch it and what did you think?

I haven’t yet but hope to soon.

A question was posed on the website – can you make a free meal in 20 minutes?

The answer of course is ‘yes’ in the way it is posed. I can also make a free meal in 4-8 hours when urgency isn’t required.

Just last week my post was all about slow cooking to reduce waste.

That’s what I will be doing tomorrow. The No Waste Tastes Great plan today to #wastenot is to rescue 4 sweet potatoes that are a little worse for wear, to add some coconut milk and maybe a little Grana Padano (that needs using up) and to leave them to slow cook in the morning. By noon tomorrow lunch will be served. Minimum hassle and zero waste.

I’m not quite ready to start prepping. Instead this week I will post a No Waste Tastes Great recipe tomorrow. Sweet Potato, Coconut and Grana Padano.

No fridge photo this week. It’s very dark at Chez Wright due to poor outside light. But don’t forget if you’d like to confess any food waste, or celebrate any saves – or even share your #fridayfridgephoto – you can do it here, over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Please do tag me so I can find you, and don’t forget to hashtag #foodwastefriday.

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