Donald Russell Lamb Casserole Recipe

We’ve been eating a lot of poultry at Chez Wright. As a choice of meat it definitely has been top of the list recently.

But we were getting bored of chicken stew!

Then serendipity struck. I’d received an e-mail from Donald Russell (the online butcher) introducing themselves. After serendipity, inspiration struck.

Their website has a variety of fantastic recipes but I fancied trying out a lamb casserole recipe.

One recipe, in particular, caught my eye. Simple ingredients, but sounding as though it’d be really tasty.

As always (and because I cannot help myself from tinkering) I made a couple of changes to Donald Russell’s recipe (by Stefan Kolsch) for Crofters Hotpot.

Here’s Simply Being Mum’s slow-cooked version (serves 4)

You will need:

Standard Slow-Cooker/CrockPot (3.5l)

450g/1lb of diced lean leg of lamb

Approx. 200g or 2 medium carrots peeled and thinly sliced

Approx. 200g or 2 medium white onions peeled and chopped

2 large white potatoes peeled and cubed into bitesize pieces

Approx. 2 pints of brown stock (either beef or lamb)


Salt & Pepper

Cooking oil

Dried Thyme & Rosemary

(the original recipe has a few more ingredients which I have not included as I didn’t have them to hand – possibly the dish would be extra tasty if included!)


Preheat your slow cooker if required.

Lightly season the lamb with salt and pepper.


Prep the vegetables.


Brown the lamb in a pan with oil.


Drain excess oil and then coat in flour and pan fry a little longer.


Pop the lamb in a standard size slow cooker/crockpot and pour over 1 pint (568ml) of stock.


Add all of the other ingredients and season with the dried herbs.


Add the remaining stock until all ingredients are covered – leave at least 1″ from the top of the slow cooker. (You may not use all of your stock).


Cook on high for 4 hours, or 8 hours on a lower temperature setting.

I served the hotpot in a giant yorkshire pudding rustling up a thick gravy with the stock!

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This blog post was supported by Donald Russell – who if their customer care is anything like their dealings with bloggers then you’ll get a first class service! 
logo_about_usDonald Russell is a Royal Warrant holder and Britain’s leading mail order meat supplier. Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, they are a pioneering mail order and online butcher who use only time-honoured methods to guarantee the best you’ll ever taste.

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