Spicy Butternut Squash Soup Save

It’s Food Waste Friday Guys!

It’s my week to host, thanks to Kristen, The Frugal Girl, inviting me to.

Each Friday I follow my No Waste Tastes Great routine, photograph my fridge, confess my food waste and celebrate any saves.

Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

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A well stocked fridge this Friday. I’ve been very fortunate, recently, in that I received not 1 but 2 food hampers as gifts. The first was an array of ingredients courtesy of Grana Padano (I’m entering an exciting competition they’re holding). The second was completely out of the blue. A hamper of goodies to celebrate the Team GB Ball for which Aldi UK provided all the menu ingredients.


One lucky hubby got to sink his teeth into an Aldi 21-day matured fillet steak last night. On a school night as well 😉

However before we get carried away I have a food waste confession to make:


Strawberries and rocket. Off to the composter they go.

(I so need to get freezing fruit before it goes over that fine line of edible to mouldy.)

The majority of the remaining items in the fridge (of which there are many) have plenty of life left in them yet. It’ll be a case on keeping my eye on the prize, this week, and ensuring my menu plan is sufficient to use everything up. By the way if you don’t know, here’s how I meal plan.

One item I felt needed to be saved today.

The butternut squash. I’d only used a small portion of it for this pasta dish yesterday.


Easily rectified.

I chopped the butternut squash and a medium red onion.


Pulled together some tikka curry paste (approx. 3 large spoonfuls), 2 crushed garlic cloves, a little chopped fresh ginger and some black pepper.

Optimized-006 (1)

Popped it all in a large pot (no time to slow cook today as I wanted a taste for my lunch).

Optimized-007 (1)

Just covered with warm water and a stock pot.

Brought it all to the boil, simmered with the lid on for 30 mins, left to cool a little and then blended until smooth.

And as I have lots of Grana Padano left over from the competition, and the most A-Mazing grater, I had to top with cheese.

Optimized-010 (1)

Even though I do say it myself, and I do, it tasted great. After all No Waste Tastes Great 😉 (gosh how twee does that sound?)

If you’d like to see my competition entry so far, I have posted on how to make pesto, and a pancetta butternut and mushroom fusilli recipe. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a Tiramisu rice pudding recipe and Sunday will be the round-up post of why I choose to make what I did.

How’s your fridge looking this Food Waste Friday? Any waste to confess, and saves to share? Please do drop in your comment and also, if you have one, a link to your blog post.


For those of you who love to take a snap of your Friday fridge please do post them over on my Facebook wall for the world to see! Seriously I love a fridge photo!

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  • Hannah Rinaldi September 18, 2015, 7:05 pm

    I’m loving all these recipes! Yum. I can’t wait to try to make soup like that. I’ve always found that my best soups come from leftovers.

    • jo@simplybeingmum September 18, 2015, 7:23 pm

      This one was really tasty. I usually use carrots, but squash worked a treat!

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