Best Laid Plans & All That

One thing I have learned in life is to ‘roll with it’.

roll with it

We all make plans, and to varying degrees they come to fruition. Or they don’t.

My plan was to have a new blog ready to hold a blog-warming-party.

That was last week.

This week I’m planning on just getting a blog post up here, at my old home. My new home isn’t ready yet.

My virtual bags have been packed, but as with all moves (and plans) there are a boxes still left to unpack.

Does that mean I have failed, because it hasn’t gone to plan? Or rather will the end result be even better than expected?

I’ve been listening a lot to Jack Canfield over the last couple of weeks.

If you don’t know Jack, he’s the best-selling co-author of the book series:

Chicken soup for the soul

I like Jack. I enjoy how he writes and his delivery when speaking. The story of his success is really motivating, inspiring and interesting.

Click here to go to Jack’s blog

One thing Jack recommends is that whenever you *ask* for something, you always add the line ‘or something better’. It gives me hope that in not sticking to the plan, and things not being on schedule, they will indeed be better. Let’s see eh?

How do you feel when your best laid plans don’t actually go to plan?




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