Progression Not Perfection

We’ve all heard the saying;

Life is a journey, not a destination.

If we’re seeking perfection, we’re going to be disappointed. It doesn’t exist.

I’ve said it before – there’s no such thing as perfect. But I’m not giving in.

To seek something that does not exist is demotivating in its futility. Why bother if we will never achieve what we set out to do?

What if we chose to embrace the journey rather than the end goal?


Whatever we aspire to achieve once we make the decision to do it we immediately feel as though we have made progress. Recognising that it is the feeling of making progress that is bringing the feel good factor is highly motivating. Rather than berating ourselves that we are not there yet and that there is such a long road ahead.

If you’ve ever made a new years resolution, or made the decision to improve an aspect of your life, then you know exactly what feeling I am talking about.

Sustaining that feeling, and thus building momentum and increasing motivation is about embracing each small step. It’s about the daily progress you make. Every step in the direction you wish to head, is a step in the right direction. Whether you feel you will ever reach your initial ultimate goal should not deter your progress or reduce your motivation.

Roads cross, they evolve, there are options along the way. What is important to us as human beings is progress.

Progression not perfection.

Today’s post is inspired by a lot of reading, and listening, I’ve been doing of late. If you truly need to make improvements, and take action, then checking out the clip below may help. Many years ago I discovered Tony Robbins and shortly after quit the 9-5 and became freelance – it was a good decision spurred on by how motivated I was made to feel by what he delivered. Now it wasn’t anything like I had heard before – it was so long ago it was on CD. As a *Brit I’m genetically wired to be reserved and constrained and the passion and intensity of his delivery was completely foreign to me then.

My reason for explaining, and putting my experience in context is so that it’s not just another ‘motivational speaker’ YouTube clip that you dismiss and skip over. If you need to eradicate the inertia that striving for perfection is creating in your life then please watch it. It may just help. And if you know it already but feel someone else may benefit then please do share.

(*Disclaimer – maybe it’s just me and not a nation after all ;))

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