Good For Your Age

My dear friend, Darcy’s Mum, received her number for the London Marathon yesterday.

This will be the first time she has managed to get a place, narrowly missing out on a ‘Good For Your Age’ place last year. She’s running for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. If you’re feeling charitable please do pop over to her sponsorship page and donate a fiver. It’s for a great cause.

Ever since the phrase ‘Good For Your Age’ came up in conversation, I’ve been fascinated by the idea.

No-one can halt the aging process, so the next best thing is to be ‘Good For Your Age’.

This is something that has become increasingly poignant for me since turning 40.

This was how I spent my 40th birthday. Being one of the hottest days of June, it was of course artificial snow)

I feel as though as an individual I went from being 30 to 40, skipping the decade between. Although actually there, I was definitely present as I had 2 children, the 30’s were all about starting a family, and losing my independence. Creating a new identity as Mum, rather than Jo. I’ve come out the other side as both of those personas (plus a few others).

Life’s good despite our bad luck.

But I’m ready to spend some time on being good for my age. I’m successfully recuperating from hip surgery and am becoming increasingly capable of exercising. I’m working on my diet also. Did you see my Paleo fish fingers? They’re a keeper.

Talking about being Good For Your Age. Did you see this?

What does being ‘Good For Your Age’ mean to you?

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