10 Ways To Lighten Up

On Sunday I was told to ‘lighten up’.

Excuse me?!?! Am I not the epitome of fun?

Apparently not. Or at least the Hubby thinks not.

Is he the only one?

On our Devonshire holiday First-Born had a minor accident. We ended up in A&E.

Relaying the incident to a friend, after the event, I explained proudly how I’d dealt with it in a manner not to cause my daughter any more concern that she felt at the time.

Or rather ‘I’d played it cool’. *exact words*.

My (completely healed) daughter interrupted:

“Mom you NEVER play anything cool”.

There’s a theme playing here – isn’t there?

Now denial isn’t something I embrace. I like to face up to things. And while self-analysing I did in fact conclude that of late I’ve lost a little of my joyfulness.

It didn’t happen overnight. It crept up slowly while I was being:

Nutritional expert, timekeeper, seamstress, cook, cleaner, guidance counsellor, taxi-driver, book-keeper, personal trainer, motivator, tutor, technology monitor… (insert your own here) and the list goes on…

The responsibility of motherhood is immense. It does not matter what stage the Kids’ are at, it can be overwhelming trying to get it right. Although there is no ‘right’ way just your own way.

Sometimes, particularly when told to ‘lighten up’, a step back is beneficial.

Here are my 10 ways to lighten up:

1. Randomly stop for ice-cream – just because you fancy it.


2. Jump in puddles – rather than circumnavigate them.

3. Watch a funny movie (even on a school-night) – and laugh till your sides split.

4. Hit the trampoline – if your pelvic floor can take it.

5. Nip to the butchers on a scooter – okay maybe not. A bike.


6. Don’t double check the bedtime teeth clean – only once though as plaque is the devil.

7. Take an afternoon nap – Just because you can.

8. Be a kid for a day – down all tools and just play.

9. Eat pancakes for dinner – adding bacon of course.


10. And it’s over to you. What would be your way to lighten up?

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