I’ve Lost Control of My Fridge (Life?)

Warning! This blog post contains imagery of mouldy crumpets – proceed with caution if the owner of a sensitive stomach!

Tis time to call myself out…

I’ve lost control of my fridge:

I’ve lost control of my storecupboards:

I’ve lost control.

It’s not a good look – it’s not good, full stop.

My fridge has always been a metaphor for my life. Tidy fridge, tidy life, tidy mind. Messy fridge? It’s only going one way.

Food Waste Friday and my Fridge Photo has been a fundamental part of my life, and my blog since 2010. How could I let it go in this way? Okay, so yes I’m working 24 hours a day (slight exaggeration…) but is this an excuse? No.

The beauty of being at the bottom of your game, is there is only one way here on in…


…and up we go… time to do a tidy up… there’s no excuse for food waste.

Time to regain control… same time next week guys?


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