The First Friday Of 2016

It’s the 1st of the month and 1st of the year. It’s also a Friday.

Food Waste Friday has been a little sporadic lately here at the blog. With circumstances beyond my control since November, and just the general lack of home-organisation and meal-planning, I haven’t been the greatest ambassador to encourage others to reduce their own food waste.


Cards on the table – it’s been chaos. As have my cupboards and fridge.

When I posted about my priorities (not resolutions) fr 2016, high on that list was ‘health’.

For me, diet (as in what we eat) is probably the most important consideration when looking to improve a family’s health. And one thing I know for certain is failure to plan potentially leads to poor a diet here, and an increase in food waste.

Exercise is also very important of course, along with sleep and other elements of everyday living, but I’m initially focusing on what I can improve upon immediately and that is to get back on track with my Friday routine.

For years, yes years, I have participated in Food Waste Friday as it keeps me accountable. not just in reducing food waste, and saving money, but also in feeding my family of four home-cooked, nutritionally balanced, tasty meals. If ever I was in doubt how much benefit came from having this Friday routine, then once again it has been demonstrated clearly that in fact I do need to do an inventory and take some time to sit and plan the forthcoming week.

Here’s a little taster of part of what I do.

Start as you mean to go on. So here I am pen and paper in hand ready to plan out the first week of meals for 2016. I’ll be back next week, keeping on track, and continuing to priortise in 2016.

Are you intending to participate in Food Waste Friday in 2016? Would you be interested in guest posting about your own family’s meal-planning or your efforts to reduce food waste? Just drop me a line.

Oh and before I forget Guys – Happy New Year. Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2016.

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  • Kizzy January 2, 2016, 7:57 am

    Good luck with your priorities this year, I have shared my intentions for the year over on my blog as goals or resolutions never seem to resonate with me like intentions.

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