This is me.

My blog has changed so much since my first post back in October 2010. I’ve changed so much since then – although I haven’t become any more photogenic. Probably hampered further by turning 40 in 2014.


Image credit: Grana Padano Top Chef 2015 Competition – I didn’t win 🙂

The blog began as a way of documenting my recipes, for my use, and to share with others.

It is so much more now. This blog is my virtual home.

What can you expect to find here?

Well there’s lot’s of talk about food and reducing food waste.  But it’s also a blog about a journey toward a simpler family life.

I can also be found out and about elsewhere.

As well as guest posting on other blogs, and being asked to write recipes and articles for brands and retailers I have also been spotted over at (the photos are no better there either).

The Guardian Live Better Campaign

A BBC Consumer website