Make Your Own Art

“Art is what you can get away with.” Andy Warhol.

I’m feeling quite grown-up this week. We’re currently considering making our first art purchase (from a real-honest-to-goodness-gallery).

As I’ve said before – I don’t mind spending money, but I hate wasting money.

(Click here to learn more on how I consciously spend.)

The considered piece of art is an investment. Not because of it’s increasing appreciation in monetary value, but rather because it is truly beautiful.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris.

However, as the queen of homemade and an advocate of doing it yourself, I stand by my belief that art doesn’t have to be bought. It can be made.

So, I’m going to display how we make it. In pictures. Of course.

(As subjective a subject as art is, expect to like some, and to not like some,)

Kid’s Art


At Chez Wright there’s a designated Kid’s art wall where 10 brightly coloured Ikea frames hang. Artwork that comes home from school, as well as awarded certificates, is placed in the frames and rotated. Only a small section is shown here.

They’ve worked hard to create this art, or to receive an accolade. It deserves to be displayed.

Even art I created, at age 14, is hung in the playroom.


It wasn’t my idea, might I add. This picture I received back as a gift. My parents decluttered a shed and discovered it among some forgotten school books.

Canvas Art

Who needs to be a professional artist to paint a canvas?


Not my kids. Nor I. Getting the art-stuff out is such a great rainy-day activity.


Above is one of my favourite gifts to give. I’ve made a few of these for friends.

Keepsake Art

I have 2 things hanging on my bedroom wall.

Firstly, a large collage of wedding photographs taken and mounted by a friend.


I’ve since replicated this idea, 4 times, for friends as their wedding gift.

Secondly, there’s a frame containing my wedding bouquet and Hubby’s button-hole.


The flowers were pressed, by my Mom, whilst we were honeymooning. I assembled them in a frame on my return.

Art that means something specifically to you

After trying to track down a print for the laundry room, an idea came to mind when browsing in Ikea (oh yes, I love Ikea. It’s the second best thing to come out of Sweden. This is the first).

The Hubby’s favourite band in the 80’s was Japan. In trying to decide what to do with all his old vinyl (still) one LP record ended up being framed.


I love the image of the 80’s Tokyo skyline. The colours work great. It’s not hung in-situ for this shot as there was too much reflection. But honestly, it goes with the decor in the laundry room perfectly.

I’m thinking maybe the photo below, I took on Sunday, may get framed and hung in the downstairs loo.


It’s my very first successful light-trail photo.

But art isn’t just something you hang. It’s all around. It’s the cakes I bake and the food I serve at the dinner table. Created with love and care.

Read this post by Simple Mom to carry on the conversation. Art really is everywhere.

How do you do art?


  1. The art in our house all has some kind of connection to us. It was made by us or someone we know or is related to a special place. So not only does it make us smile because it’s beautiful, it makes us smile from the memory it invokes. However, with that being said sometimes it’s hard to find the right piece using that criteria. I have a large blank dining room wall that is waiting for something.

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