Sharing The Love – A Colgate Giveaway

This month, as part of Colgate Oral Health Month, I was kindly invited to a blogger event focusing on oral hygiene. It was scheduled for the same day as the Kids went back to school.

We had back2school cake to eat, what can I say? I didn’t go.

A shame really, as teeth-brushing is a priority here at Chez Wright. I’m bordering on fanatical about oral hygiene. This may be due to the effort I went to, to get my teeth straight as a teenager. I’m intending on keeping mine as long as possible.

The organisers thoughtfully sent me, well technically me – but actually the Kids, a goodie bag.

If there’s anyone, reading, struggling to get their kids to brush their teeth – here’s a little trick.

Get the postie to deliver a package of toothbrushes and paste. I’ve never seen two children so enthusiastic, and impatient, to brush their teeth after breakfast.

You know me. I don’t blog to get freebies. So this post, is here, to share the love.

The lovely people at Colgate have offered 4 readers the chance to receive a Kids’ toothbrushing kit.

This includes:

Colgate Barbie Dancing Out of Pack

  • Either a Colgate Barbie or Spiderman toothbrush
  • Age 4+ Colgate Toothpaste
  • A Colgate toothbrush timer  (which are the perfect way to accurately time the recommended 2 minute brushing time for your child)

Now, I know some of you will have more than one child, but the fairest way to run the giveaway is 1 kit per reader. This gives 4 readers the opportunity to feel the love!

The winners will be randomly selected on Friday 27 September at 10am – just before this week’s No Waste Tastes Great post. The winners will be announced in that post.

To participate in this giveaway please leave a comment here (not on Facebook or Twitter – as I may miss one if they’re in 3 locations and they need to be numbered as they are received). Only one comment per reader please.

Please specify in your comment whether you’re a Barbie or Spiderman fan, and also please confirm the kit will be dispatched to a UK address. It doesn’t have to be your address – so international readers feel free to share the love with a UK friend or relative!

**Please note I am in no way compensated for this post and I never run giveaways unless I would personally buy from a brand/retailer/manufacturer**


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