No Waste Tastes Great / I Have No Photo!

It’s Friday Guys – time for No Waste Tastes Great

Click here to find out more about my Friday routine

Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

Notice anything different?

No photograph.

I still can’t upload photo’s onto the blog. I thought this was a temporary thing on Monday. But it appears not as I returned to post today.

So, over on Facebook there’s a photo of my Friday Fridge, and also one of where I’ve been hiding these last few days.

My priority is to get the blog up to speed once more, this I’ll be working on over the weekend. I’ve tried a few things this evening, but cannot get photo’s to upload. I’ll be trying a different PC tomorrow, and hope to get the simple Birthday cake recipe post up ASAP.

Regardless, it’s still Food Waste Friday over at The Frugal Girl so;

How’s your Fridge looking this Friday? Anything to declare? Or is it nice and bare? Please share…


  1. Hmm. Is your blog hosted on If it is, then I’d see if you can contact their support people…perhaps it’s a known issue and they could help you!

    • Cheers Kristen – yep been on the forum’s etc…they’ve suggested clearing cache, cookies etc which I’ve done… Next step contact them direct. Didn’t realise before this how much I rely on images for my posts. No motivation to post without them!

  2. For non-Facebook readers, are you going to keep us in suspense about where you’ve been?…Good luck with fixing the photo uploading issue!

  3. Hi Jo! Sorry not to see your sparkly fridge! Frustrating about the photos! Computers! :( Can’t live with ’em n’ can’t live without ’em! How’ve you been? No waste for you? Yea! Only minimal waste for me this week! Hope you are up and running soon! :) Cheeryshirley

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