No Waste Tastes Great / The Slow Cooker’s Already Slaving Away

It’s Friday Guys – time for No Waste Tastes Great.

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Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

Top Shelf – Spreads, cheese, garlic and 2 chocolate yoghurts (no buttercream!) – all in date.

Top Middle Shelf – Grapes and cucumber

Bottom Middle Shelf – 2 onions, 2 peppers and half of a butternut squash.

Bottom Shelf – Half a jar of sun-dried tomatoes

Door – Milk, OJ and 1 egg

The No Waste Tastes Great plan this bright and sunny Friday

The cucumber and grapes will be consumed over the weekend by the Kids. No problem.

Keeping my eye on the prize this week (aka – no waste) I soaked some dried beans overnight.

I’m planning a vegetarian chilli this evening with home-made tortillas. I’ve enjoyed my vegetarian week. So much so, I’m not going to eat meat next week either. As a fanatical meal planner this initially means some extra planning to build in suitable meals specifically for me to complement the family meals. But I’m up for the challenge.

I made a veggie chilli earlier in the week, and it was really good. Today’s chilli will be slightly different in that I’ll be using 2 peppers and no mushrooms. This meal will use up 1 onion, the 2 peppers and the half jar of sun-dried tomatoes.

The remaining onion and butternut squash have already met their fate.

I’ll be having spicy butternut squash soup for lunch (which will feature in the free e-book I’m putting together). Second-Born is home for lunch and will be having boiled egg and soldiers.

No waste to report today! Hurrah!

It could have been a different outcome, however, as lurking in the fruit bowl I found this:

This had the potential to be waste. Or at least it had, if a banana and ginger loaf weren’t planned for this afternoon. Sorted.

Off to do my Aldi shop, with my new menu and list in hand.

How’s your Fridge looking this Friday? Anything to declare? Or have you been keeping your eye on the prize? Please share!

No Waste Tastes Great is bought to you (as always) with thanks to The Frugal Girl for the original inspiration.



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    • Hi Jess. I shop once a week, and buy enough for 7 days (6 meals). Friday is the day where I use anything up that I may have left. I used to order a takeaway on a Friday if the cupboard and fridge was bare, but of late I’ve managed to rustle something up regardless. People do seem surprised when they see my fridge, but it’s very doable, and really helps reduce food waste. It’s also meant I’ve been able to cut my food budget by 50%. I’ll take a look over at your FWF. Jo

  1. Yea on No Food Waste! I, also, had no waste…BUT, it would have been close had I not cleaned out the fridge (inside and out)! I found some close items (like your banana), and immediately cleaned, chopped, and blanched them and into the freezer they went (they, being an entire celery and 6 turnips all purchased at reduced rate)! Thank you for the encouragement! :) Cheeryshirley

  2. Your refrigerator looks awesome. So clean! I see black-eyed peas with the kidney beans. Do you cooks them together in the veggie chili? I have a lot of dried black-eyed peas to use, and I’m always on the lookout for great recipes and new ideas! Our kids love to eat rice and beans, but I always end up going with black, pinto or kidney beans for that. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Lara – Yeah chuck ’em in! I’m going to post this recipe because it really is good. The photo’s I took of the dish not so great as we ate at nearly 9pm and it was dark here. But regardless the recipe’s worth sharing. I may post in on FB first (probably later today), and then do a post with step by step piccies when I next make it in the slow cooker. (I used Haricot, black-eyed and Kidney in it) Jo

  3. I had to throw away 1/4 of a jar of jam, don’t know how long it had been there but there was a whole eco-system going on in the jar :)

    We have 2 birthdays this week, daughters was yesterday and we have a few odds and ends that need using up. Son’s birthday is on Wednesday and he wants KFC, havn’t had this in ages but costs so much for the 6 of us, a couple of years ago i wouldn’t have thought twice, but now not so!! How times have changed!

    Love Bananna bread, i never seem to have banannas lingering in my fruit bowl so we havn’t had it in ages!!

    Sharron x

    • What a coincidence – we had our 1st KFC ever this week! We met up with a friend whose Son had a birthday. I didn’t know what to order for the kids. Agree on being expensive! I didn’t have anything because I knew I’d end up finishing theirs anyway. It won’t be a regular feature…
      The ginger and banana loaf was pretty good…photo over at FB if you ever go over there!
      Hope all good with you and WW going to plan?

  4. Yum, spicy butternut. Still looking forward to that recipe when the book is out! Love the beans photo as well, enjoying the new camera? I’m assuming you might only have the lens that comes with it, have you started looking at other ones? I LOVE the 60mm macro, amazing pictures.

    I think my influence is finally working on the flatmate. He came home with a chicken to roast for dinner tonight (which was lovely) and already had a plan for the leftovers – which will also use the leftover veg in the fridge from the other day, none the less! So only one small loss to report, the end of a massive cabbage which he did try and get through this week.

    There are two manky bananas on the side, but they will be meeting a similar fate to your one tomorrow. Using this recipe, which is apparently the best cake I’ve ever made: – bonus, it doesn’t use buttercream ;-)

    • Lenses – yeah on hold at mo. Don’t want to be ‘all the gear – no idea!’. I definitely need a macro lens and have had a couple of recommendations. Thanks for yours – I’ll check it out.
      Great news on the flatmate – looks like it’ll be a happy ending after all! And I’ve some good news also – no butter-cream ;-)
      I’ll be checking that link out in a few mins. Dan and I have a baking session Monday nights – so this might be just the ticket!
      Have a fab week Lauren!

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