No Waste Tastes Great / Yet Another Birthday Cake To Make

It’s Friday Guys – time for No Waste Tastes Great

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Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

Top Shelf – Spreads, garlic, butter-cream, selection of cheeses and 2 tiny chocolate yoghurts.

Top Middle Shelf – Head of broccoli, a few grapes, 2 tomatoes, 3 mushrooms and a small amount of green pepper.

Bottom Middle Shelf – Empty

Bottom Shelf – Half a jar of home-made pickled beetroot

Door – Milk, OJ and 4 eggs

No Waste Tastes Great (3 February 2012) – The Plan

It’s the Hubby’s Birthday tomorrow. The butter-cream will be used alongside the eggs and other butter to make a small birthday cake. Family are joining us for lunch tomorrow so the cheeses and grapes will be used up as part of a ‘choosing lunch’, as the Kids like to call it.

The remaining egg will be used to make pancakes tonight for the Kid’s dinner. First-born has a hot meal at school today, and Second-born and I are heading off shortly to Cannock Chase Forest to get Daddy an OS Map for his Birthday present (last of the big spenders eh?). We are going to pop into the Golden Arches on the way – well… it’s been a while!

The broccoli will be used up as part of a slow-cooked soup. The beetroot, milk and OJ are all in date.

See below the decoupage box (not quite finished) that will house the OS map plus a mountain biking magazine. No Waste Looks Great! (Old sailing mag plus a welly box)

As Friday Night is Curry Night at Chez Wright, the toms, mushrooms and peppers will be popped into Lil’ Bill (my slow-cooker), I think it’ll be balti tonight. I am hoping to make this recipe recommended by Claire one week… I just need to grab some peanut butter.

No waste for us this week. Next week’s menu has been planned and is already on the menu-board.

The week’s meals all come to under £1 per person (apart from the roast) – a weekly menu plan to make any SuperScrimper proud!

Just about to grab my hat and gloves and head on over to Aldi to do my grocery shop…

How’s your Fridge looking this chilly Friday? Crisp and clear, or crowded and congested? Please share!

No Waste Tastes Great is bought to you (as always) with thanks to The Frugal Girl for the original inspiration.



Don’t forget I am now updating daily on Facebook – the Birthday Cake no doubt will make an appearance later today…


    • :-) It’s my Mom, no sooner have I finished one than another appears. She pickles it. Also as the only member of the household to eat it, it can take 2-3 weeks for one jar to be used up. Fortunately it lasts!

      • Ask “Mom” to send some to me, will you? (Just kidding, of course) I love it, but I don’t do preserves of any kind and I haven’t had homemade in years!

        However, it’s hard on white clothing if it happens to escape the fork :)

  1. I think I’m going to steal your decoupage box idea for my DH’s 40th at the end of this year. :)

    (I’m back…assignments/exams finished, if all goes well, starting clinical practice around Easter)

    • Give yourself plenty of time to do the box – nowt as frustrating as waiting for glue to dry!

      So impressed you managed to keep your virtual life at bay whilst you got down to your work! All the very best! Fingers crossed…

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