No Waste Tastes Great / Friday The 13th

It’s Friday Guys – time for No Waste Tastes Great

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It’s Friday the 13th – will it be unlucky for me and a horror story in the fridge?

Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

This is good.

Top Shelf – Spread, cheese, garlic and one chocolate mousse (all in date)

Top Middle Shelf – Grapes (with a couple of days of life still in them)

Bottom Shelf – Home-made chutney and pickled beetroot

Door – Milk, OJ and one egg

Dan will have a hard-boiled egg and soldiers with grapes and chocolate mousse to follow, for lunch. I’ll have cheese, crackers, chutney and grapes.

No waste for us at Chez Wright today!

Normally if there’s no waste then the Hubby and I have been partaking in a takeaway. However after tidying my cupboards this week  I discovered I have chick peas and coconut milk to hand. As we have been having a slow-cooked curry instead of a takeaway of late, I’m going to rustle up a vegetarian curry (with home-made indian flatbread) and add the sweet potatoes I have.

The curry will use 2 potatoes and also 1 of the onions, and I’ll make soup with the other 2 potatoes (using the recipe I posted on Facebook before Christmas). This soup will also use up a second onion. The other 2 onions I am going to chop and freeze. The 2 bagels I will make pizza for the kids by topping them with tomato puree and grated cheddar cheese. They’ll get a few frozen veggies on the side.

All of the items could have been used up over the weekend. But I’m not shopping today as usual. It’s been a busy couple of days. Last night saw me cleaning the kitchen until midnight after finishing off a Birthday cake I made as a favour for a friend.

I’ve also been for a run this morning, which I don’t normally do on a Friday, but if you are following on Facebook you will know I planned on running daily this week to get back in the habit. Shopping will wait until tomorrow!

How’s your Fridge looking this Friday the 13th? Is it a Nightmare on your street or an absolute dream? Please share!

With thanks to The Frugal Girl and Food Waste Friday for the original inspiration behind No Waste Tastes Great


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(I’ll be posting the coconut, chickpeas and sweet potato curry recipe over on Facebook later today)


  1. Isn’t it funny how you can make a day’s worth of meals from a fridge that most people would consider completely empty? I’m still trying to train my flatmate in this, he thinks he NEEDS to shop before it’s truly run bare. He’s noticed how little I waste and wants to do the same. Hooray!

    So prior to shopping last night the fridge was looking really good. To use up – four carrots, these will go in fish pie tomorrow and chicken stew next week. A chorizo ring, also going in the stew. Tub of leftover mash, will mix in with the fresh mash for the fish pie. Flatmate’s juice, need to remind him to drink it. The last of a jar of chutney and a small chunk of flavoured cheese – might serve both of these for lunch tomorrow along with some crispbreads in the cupboard. A larger chunk of cheddar which I need to grate and freeze. Think that’s pretty much it.

    The very last of the sad Christmas satsumas are still in there though, didn’t manage to shift all of them despite keeping them at the front of the bowl so they were highly visible for the taking. They may really have to go this week.

    Cake looks great. :-)

    • “Flatmate’s juice, need to remind him to drink it” heehee! :-)
      I do this… after dinner the Hubby won’t even have finished his main meal and some suspect looking item will appear for afters with me saying ‘This needs eating up!’.

    • Here’s a photo of boiled egg and soldiers – – a staple item as a kid in the UK I’d say!
      The candle was an accident (as with much of my cooking etc…) Last night about 11pm I realised I had offered to put a candle on the cake. They’d asked for a ’90’ candle – oops! I checked to see if I had just a plain white normal birthday candle, nope, every other colour however! Then Eureka – tea-light, and I had kept a transparent perspex tea-light holder also in with my cake decorating stuff by chance. Pretty impressed with the outcome, the ’90’ candle wouldn’t have looked right as they tend to be multi-coloured (primary colours). No issue with it burning too quickly either. I expect I’ll repeat this on many a cake going forward… (I’ve asked for the holder back – have I no shame?) ;-)

  2. Good job! But I expected no less! ;) I *think* we may be ok… I’m going to take a look & see, but I’m hoping! Love the cake! It’s beautiful!

  3. Lovely cake! Really like the flowers that “flow” off and onto the cake! Beautiful and smooth! Your fridge looks really empty! And sooo clean! I cannot empty and scrub my fridge today as we have 2 dr. appts today…will try over weekend. Yea on your continued No Waste Tastes Great! :) Cheeryshirley

  4. What a lovely feminine dainty cake, Jo. The tea light is perfect in this setting, in my opinion.

    Gah, we won’t even discuss my fridge. We’ve recently gone from three to two in our house, and it’s a challenge to me to try to scale back the cooking! You are great inspiration, though, and I keep reaching for the ideal. – Jo H.

  5. Wow Jo your really talented, but i expected no less :) Lovely colours and very pretty, bet it tastes as good as it looks too :)

    Sharron x

  6. My fridge is scary! I need to clean it out and start the same practice. I’ve done a lot of cooking lessons lately from a friend. There are lots of little containers of leftover that will never be consumed. I’ll clear it out, then start new!

    • Have an amnesty and then get on it! It’s very easy once you get in the groove, the key very much is planning your meals, that way you only have what you will use. If you need emergency supplies go for frozen or tinned so it doesn’t spoil. Looking forward to hearing how you go!

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