No Waste Tastes Great 18 Nov 2011 / I’m Going To Be Busy!

It’s Friday Guys – It’s time for No Waste Tastes Great

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Simply Being Mum’s Friday Fridge

Top Shelf – Spreads, small block of Cheddar and Garlic

Top Middle Shelf – 2 x Large Potatoes (not kept in fridge placed for photo)

Bottom Middle – Head of Broccoli, 1 + 1/2 Onions, 12 Tomatoes, Dan’s Lunch of leftover cottage pie and veggies (lid removed for photo only)

Bottom Shelf – Leftover Cauliflower Cheese Soup in Brenda’s pot (Veggie slow cooker) and just over 3lb (1500g) of Carrots

Drawer at very bottom – Balti Paste, Tomato Puree, Maple Syrup and Jerk Marinade

Door – Milk and 5 Eggs

Why so much fresh produce sitting there at the end of the week? I hear you ask…

It’s been one of those weeks. The carrots and tomatoes had been purchased to slow-cook soup and freeze for lunches. Then out the blue my priorities and commitments changed, and the soup went on the back-burner. The broccoli just didn’t get used up, as I had bought quite a lot.

So what’s the No Waste Tastes Great plan today?

I’ve freed up some time today – I’m going to be a busy girl in the kitchen! Well my slow-cookers are!

1. The tomatoes are going to be slow-cooked to make Tomato, Lentil and Chilli Soup.

2. The carrots are also meeting the same fate – but they are going to have to go in Big Ben my biggest cooker as there is so much to cook – This will make my favourite soup!

3. The onions will get used in the above two soups as will some of the garlic (in blue tub).

4. Cauliflower soup for me at lunch, and leftovers for Dan – all ready to go!

5. The 2 potatoes will be kept until tomorrow to make chips – we have guests and a HUGE mediterranean vegetable lasagne with chips is being made for the adults, and some spag bol for the kiddos.

6. 3 eggs will be used for a Kiddy treat tea of pancakes tonight. The other 2 eggs I am using to make cupcakes. Today is Children In Need – and as a surprise I’m going to make the Kids some Pudsey Cakes! They’ve gone to school in Pudsey ears and spots today and made a donation. The money collected by my piggy over the year was donated!

7. That just leaves the broccoli! I am planning on making some more soup and trying out a new recipe. Unsure which way to go yet with this – need to get my thinking cap on… any suggestions?

Friday Night is Date Night at Chez Wright – but tonight we’ll all be sitting down to watch Children In Need. I’m planning on slow cooking a Balti, as I have got to do my grocery shop today – I may as well pick up some free range chicken and DIY… Fortunately I have 3 slow-cookers, so 2 will be used for soup, the third for the Balti. The broccoli soup can wait until tomorrow to go in, I need to have a think about what ingredients to use anyway.

How’s your Fridge looking this Friday? Did anyone take part in National Clean Your Refrigerator Day over the pond? 

Time to start chopping! Oh and I couldn’t sign out today without linking to the the man of the moment – Over to you Mr Gary Barlow

(As always a massive thank you to Kristen, The Frugal Girl and her Food Waste Friday for ongoing inspiration – link will go up when post is live for this week)

p.s – since writing this post there’s been a change of plan! Seriously it’s been one of those weeks! Takeaway for us tonight as I’m not doing a grocery shop after all this PM. I’ve decided in light of this to start my grocery shop experiment this week and I’ll be posting more on Monday…


  1. I saw the picture and thought wow, you have a lot in there! But of course, you have a plan. Well done. :-)

    We had an unexpected flatmate move in this week, so our fridge is now for three. Thankfully he hates waste as much as I do, so should be able to stick pretty much to normal. There’s two items in there that I don’t normally eat (pate and cheese) but I think I can serve them with some crackers and a couple of leftover carrots for a snack style lunch tomorrow. That just leaves my normal things – eggs and apples! Thinking the apples will make it into my favourite cake, which will also use some of the eggs. The rest of the eggs will be fine for next week. Oh, and some juice but I know that will go over the weekend.

    Here’s my favourite cake recipe, just in case you’d like it: – makes a brilliant warm pudding with custard as well. Yum!

  2. Thanks for the recipe Lauren – I will indeed check it out… we are well and truly into apple season and to top with some custard sounds just the ticket.
    The pate started my tummy grumbling…I love pate! In fact you may just have tempted me to add an expensive item to my grocery shop this week ;-)

    As usual you sound as though you have it all sorted – I wouldn’t expect anything less!

  3. You impress me every week with this post of great recies! See if my fridge looked like that I’d think we had ” no food” in the house… I guess it about how you see things. Are your family vegetarians?

    • Hi Carla – it certainly is about perception because my fridge looks full to me!;-) It’s very rare you can actually say there’s no food in the house… if you check your cupboards there are a myriad of meals that could be made. I could have made a vegetable pasta bake with what I had to hand plus some dried pasta. Have eggs, make an omelette, or add some flour and make pancakes… really simple stuff, but that’s all you need a simple array of ingredients.
      We aren’t vegetarian, it’s just the produce purchased was to stock up on slow-cooked soup and I tend to make vegetarian soup due to cost, health benefits and also I’m not overly keen on freezing meat (although I do do it in it’s raw state and sometimes cooked if there’s leftovers – mainly beef items).
      I’d love to check out your fridge! I wonder what amazing things could be conjured up?

  4. Gary Barlow has god-like status in this house too!!!! I am guessing that you and i are of the Take That generation :) ?

    I have been cleaning and cooking since 8.30 this morning with excitment buliding for children in need tonight, i will be settling down nice and early to watch it, how rock and roll is my life!!
    I couldn’t get hold of any of those ears i left it too late, my littles have gone in own clothes and donated some money.

    Medeterrain (sp!) Lasagne sounds lovely. I have made enchildas for this evening , first time ever, they smell lovely i can’t wait!!

    Sharron x

    • Firstly – Enchiladas? Go Girl! I’m proud of you! :-)

      I am indeed a Take That fan – went to see the boys at Manchester in June and it was amazing. In fact it was the night they filmed the DVD of the tour – I’ve had it on pre-order since then, and it’s just been dispatched – hurrah! The last two nights I’ve actually dreamt about Gary Barlow (how sad is that?). The first dream he came to have a look at a kitchen renovation (random) then last night I went to a small TT concert but couldn’t get a good seat (hmmm? wonder what that means?). Ole’ Barlow has god like status pretty much as a matter of course now – I haven’t met one lady who doesn’t have a soft spot for him. I reckon “Sir Gary” may be in the future?

      Enjoy your evening!! You have zero pudsey ears and I now have 4 pairs – due to BBC shop being so slow sending them out, I had to go and grab some from B&Q yesterday as I knew the postie wouldn’t arrive with them before the kids left the house this morning. As we have 4 pairs the Hubby and I get a pair each! I’m considering doing the school run in mine in half an hour – but not sure I have the bottle! :)

    • I make two kinds of carrot soup and the plan was to make my favourite soup this week but it got delayed – I made it yesterday instead in the end. 3lb of carrots makes a lot of soup!
      As for price last week I did get 3lb for the price of 2lb – so there’s a little more than usual…

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