Simple Indian Flat Bread Recipe – Easy Peasy!

My favourite type of food is Indian food without a doubt. I live in a region in the UK that is well known for this type of food, in particular Balti. Wikipedia claims that Balti may have originated in Birmingham rather than in Kashmir as some others believe. I can’t say – what I do know is it’s amazing food.

I cook Indian food at home – slow cook it of course! It may not be overly authentic but you know what? It still tastes great.

The best way (IMO) to eat a balti is with bread, and there is no simpler or easier bread to make than Indian Flatbread. It’s also called Chapati or Roti.

Brace yourself for the simplest bread recipe ever…………………………………

Simple Indian Flat Bread Recipe – Makes 6 Chapatis

You will need:

225 grams (1/2 lb)  of plain wholemeal flour

175ml (6 floz) of warm water

Half a teaspoon of oil (I use extra virgin but any vegetable oil will do)

Half a teaspoon of salt

Optional – add a teaspoon of ground cumin or coriander for added taste

Step 1

Put the flour, oil and salt in a bowl and add the water gradually. Mix with spoon or hand whilst adding to get a sticky consistency.

Step 2

Get your hands in a start kneading, approx. 5 minutes will do but the longer you do the softer the finished article. You will end up with a large dough ball.

Step 3 

Separate the dough into 6 evenly sized pieces and make smaller dough balls approx. the size of golf balls.

Step 4

Either cover with a damp clean tea towel amd leave at room temperature until you are ready to cook and serve, or alternatively use immediately. Sprinkle a little flour on a board and a pin and start rolling. Typically flatbreads are round, so aim for that general shape!

Step 5

Heat a heavy based frying pan or skillet over a high heat. No oil is required. Reduce heat slightly and add the first flat bread. It will take approx 1-2 minutes to cook. It will need turning when the top begins to bubble and rise. Flip over and press down with a clean dry tea towel (be careful). Then cook again for approx 1 min. Whilst cooking one bread roll another and repeat until all 6 are cooked.

Step 6 

Serve and enjoy!

If looking for any inspiration on what to eat them with check out

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  1. I’ll have to try this one. It seems very much like what we Texans call a tortilla. We tend to think of Indian bread as thicker than a tortilla, but these don’t seem to be. And I suppose in Europe, a tortilla is an omelette. Very confusing.


    • Hi Gip – very much like a tortilla (we call them tortilla wraps) and we have them in the UK. They are indeed an accompaniment to Mexican dishes. Mexican is probably my second favourite food of all time – I love spicy food! The difference would appear to be in a tortilla there is ‘fat’, a butter, oil or shortening component. I will be making some and trying it out as they can’t be much different to make. You are also quite right about Tortilla being a type of omelette in Europe. I have made these (although they are also called frittata)- the difference with this omelette is that it contains potato also. In the UK an omelette is very much known as an omlette and if you said Tortilla most people would think wraps or sometimes chips (which we also call crisps) – boy yes confusing! :-)

      • ps – The thicker Indian bread is what we call Naan bread (it typically contains yeast hence the rise – although I have seen recipes without) – I’ll be posting a recipe for this also!

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