Do Good, Declutter and Donate Your Denim!

Impromptu post Guys!

Donate Your Denim!

After popping back in on a comment stream over at The Minimalist Mom and rejoining the conversation I thought I’d share something with you…

An average resale value of a pair of denim jeans through a UK charity shop (goodwill store) is approx. £5. If anyone knows what the US, Canadian and other country equivalents are I’d really love to hear from you.

I’ve “charity bagged” (i.e donated – that term may need explanation) a pair of mine today, a pair that was hiding in the bottom of the wardrobe collecting dust.  I wear just two pairs and wash and wear. Any others are surplus to requirement.

If you owned just two pairs and donated the rest to charity, how much would your donation come to? Would you do this?

I’m going to start a tally of those who do donate their denim – so if you do it please share in the comments and I’ll add you. I’ll start the ball rolling with my £5 donation, and that may be the last donation of a full £5 I make, as I wear mine until they go into holes and then replace.  However once rags, if you donate them, they still have a value to the charity as they are bundled with other unsaleable clothing and  bought by a recycler and a value per tonne is given to the charity. I will estimate a ‘rag’ value for a pair tomorrow so as to be able to include those also.

I’d love to see this quick impromptu post generate £100 for charity – that’s just another 19 pairs to be donated – are there 19 pairs out there?


  1. Funny enough Jo, I just donated four huge trash bags full of clothes to Goodwill over the weekend. There were at least 10 pair of jeans in great shape included in my donation. Throughout my childbearing time, I’ve worn four different sizes of pants. Since I’m finished having kids, I decided to take all of the clothes from my closet and drawers in sizes I’m not currently wearing, and donate them!

    I’m not sure how much jeans from Goodwill go for in the US, but I’m guessing at least $5-$10 per pair.

    • Oh Jenny! had you done it tomorrow (motivated by this post) we’d have been over half way there haha! Well done on the major declutter! 10 pairs eh? – bet you’ve got some serious space in that closet now….

      • ps – Thanks for the heads up on average price – if my maths serves me correctly $5-$10 would actually be an average of $7.50 and with the exchange rate as it is – I’d say we are back to a UK equivalent of approx. £5? Well just under but there or there abouts!!! Thanks again Jenny!

  2. In Canada jeans sell for about $5 a pair in my small town. I’m guessing they might be $10 in larger cities. So . . . about the same as in the UK.

    This is so strange – I have a pair already in a bag with other clothing to go to charity – just need to take them there! So add me in!

    • *smacks forehead* I just realized what you are going for here: donations that RESULT from your post request. Not donations that were already in the works. I wish I had others that I could declutter, but I don’t!

      • Same here Jo – I keep to just two pairs! I did do a major declutter last week of all the items that I was saving to eBay but got fed up of looking at them. There was some good stuff in there! I like to give a value to my donations, it makes it easier to donate rather than sell.

  3. Oh, and that was the last pair of denim jeans I had – I no longer find them very comfortable and they long ago stopped suiting me in appearance :) Time to let go!

    • It’s always a good thing to know when some item no longer looks quite right. I had been hanging onto a designer little black dress I purchased in Dublin in 2000 (mixture of sentiment and a yearning to turn back the clock)! Last week it was donated, not sure who I was kidding – haha!

  4. I only have two pairs of jeans and I wear them constantly so I can’t help out your denim donation cause Jo! Wish I could. :)

    But… I have donated a TON of clothes, especially during my big decluttering. I must have donated at least 100 items of clothing during the big purge, so maybe that gets a few points with your donation cause!

    In the U.S. I’ve seen thrift store prices range from $1 to $15. The average would be closer to $4 to $7 I’d say.

    • Two pairs is enough! Without a doubt… I’m pretty much down to the bare minimum clothes wise, time to start on the Kid’s wardrobes! Like you posted Tanja…Kids don’t want stuff!

    • Way to go Jenny! Will be adding that to my tally – £25 so far 25% of the way there… I think I have identified a black pair in the wardrobe that I had forgotten about…not sure whether to get rid though – but that would take me up to 3 pairs – that is just extravagance at the extreme! :-)

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